3 Simple Tips for Brands on Social Media

In Brand Edge: FAUX PAS I sat down with President and Chief Creative Officer Wayne S. Roberts to talk about social media for brands and what they have to do to find success.

Watch the video here now to see what I had to say, and grab the 3 quick takeaways below the video.

Brand Edge: FAUX PAS Takeaways

1. Follow Your Audience

time2015Your brand community is already online, whether you’re there to communicate with them or not. The key to starting an effective online segment of your brand community is to be where they are.

If you know that your target audience is 40 to 65, be on Facebook where the current statistics show us that demographic currently participates at a higher level than other social media networks.

Just like a brand who targets teens would be wasting their time and money by placing ads in Time magazine, your brand is wasting time and money by focusing on the wrong social media platforms.

2. Have A Plan

Social Media Strategy MemeOnce you’ve determined where you need to be posting, you need to start planning what you’re going to post.

Memes are fun, and everyone gets a laugh out of them, but that’s what people look to their friends for. Your job as a brand on social media is to stick to your brand identity and provide content that your brand community will identify and find value in.

Share content from your website that tells your story or sells your products, post behind-the-scenes images and videos that give people an inside look at your brand and allow them to forge a deeper connection and interest, or create striking graphics that will grab everyone’s attention and cause them to stop and take notice of your brand and its message.

3. Be Active

Ronnie Coleman-QuoteMaking the decision to “be social” isn’t enough. As I said in the video, there is little worse that finding a Facebook page or Twitter account that hasn’t posted anything new in a year and a half.

The decision as to how often you post is yours to make as a brand. Remember that social is like most things in life, quality is more important than quantity, but also remember that social media is a crowded landscape, and if you aren’t actively participating, you will be forgotten.

It reminds me of a quote by former Mr. Olympia champion Ronnie Coleman, “Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but don’t nobody want to lift no heavy-ass weights.”


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