5 Tips to Make Your Brand a Social Media Winner

More brands are joining social media sites every day. To stand out from the crowd you need to put in the time and effort that other brands won’t and do the right things to get you to the top!

Here are 5 tips that can help you win in social media and build your online brand community.

1) Pay Attention!
If someone is talking about your brand you need to know about it. Whether it’s a message on your Facebook page or a Tweet that does or doesn’t include your handle, you need to respond accordingly and make sure that every member of your brand community that reaches out feels valued and served.

Social media is becoming an increasingly popular customer service channel, so make sure that you are prepared to answer questions from customers about anything and everything related to your brand and products or services.

Buy Now NO2) Don’t Always Be Selling!
As advertisers and marketers it’s our nature to want to make every message a pitch. However, people don’t use social media because they want to bombarded with ads and sales information. If you need proof have a look at the tweets and Facebook posts that come after any change to a new advertising platform.

It’s okay to post links to sale pages and products as part of your overall message, but don’t make it the only thing you are focused on.

3) Be Helpful!
If someone is asking a customer service question your product or service, answer them. It sounds simple, but is often overlooked. Sometimes it can be attributed to Community Manager fatigue from answering the same questions over and over again. The key is trying to remember that to this customer, the question has never been asked before and want your help because they want to love your brand.

Help people love your brand through tips, information, and entertainment and you can build your brand community and raise satisfaction levels daily.

Facebook Like Thumb4) Share Great Content!
Putting together a 140 character tweet is fine, but creating a funny/engaging/conversation starting tweet is better. It’s the same on Facebook, you can post anything you want, but as we know from previous studies and Blade blogs, images are the best for engagement.

Here are our tips for creating great social media content.
Be creative: nobody wants to click Like on boring content.
Have fun with it: if your content makes you smile, it’s more likely to make your brand community smile too.
Stay on message: While you’re having fun and being creative, make sure that you stay on message. If the post doesn’t make sense to your brand and the community, let it go.
Be opportunistic: If the power goes out at the Super Bowl, if a movie is coming out and your brand community is talking about it, if a new meme is taking over the internet, use it to your advantage!

5) Stick To Your Brand!
Your brand has a voice. It’s built by your product, your audience, your history and your goals. And it is terribly important to keep your brand voice in mind when you are posting on social media. Your brand community recognizes your voice and has a connection and sense of familiarity with it. Remember to stay within your voice and build the brand community you want to see.

Bonus: Go Above and Beyond!
When and if you can, take the opportunity to really make someone’s day on social media. Whether it’s through a creative way to shout them out to the rest of your brand community, or by sending them a token of your appreciation, you can certainly create a lifelong member of your community and an ambassador for your brand!

Social Media Winner

Joshua Murray

Joshua Murray

Fuelled by ideas, opportunity and coffee, Joshua attacks the social media landscape every day with a purpose. His experience in retail, customer service and public relations have combined to give him a 360 degree view of social media for brands and he is committed to helping all of his clients leverage their voice in the social sphere.

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