A Blade Holiday Shopping Guide

Whether you are a last minute shopper or have been scouting the perfect gift for everyone since last year, you probably have a go-to store for all your purchasing needs. A store that will guarantee you a great shopping experience and the joy of crossing names of your list.

We thought we’d help by showcasing a few one-stop-shop brands we like, to make your list a little shorter, your stress a little lower, and your friends and family’s smiles a lot bigger.

Books from Indigo?

Indigo has expanded into much more than books. Remember how nice it was to receive a book with a personal message inside? Books make thoughtful gifts. Although you will still find great stories for all ages and interests, you can also find home decor, video games, and even honey!

Boxes from Amazon?

With so many options from books to electronics, Amazon can cover the whole list with the click of a mouse. But, make sure you are shipping the gifts somewhere secret, because the iconic Amazon boxes can provide a lot of clues for the snoopier gift recipient. Amazon provides easy online shopping and has a reputation for quick shipping. Perfect for the last minute shopper. Check out some items you may not have known they carried, like aluminum push pins,  artwork, or a designer bowling ball.

Gear from MEC?

Got a group of adventurers? Stock your holiday with MEC gear and get everyone outdoors. They’ve got gift ideas for all ages.

Gifts from Shoppers Drug Mart?

Although Shoppers may not be the first brand that comes to mind at Christmas they are working hard at changing that with online gift guides and expanding product lines. Video games, electronics, and Christmas décor are available at most stores.

Christmas tree bauble
Christmas is coming!

What’s your store of choice for holiday gift shopping? Have your holiday shopping rituals changed? Let us know in the comments.


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