A New Level of Multi-Level Marketing

At Blade, we’re always looking for start-up accounts that help us sharpen our skills, so we can help our clients carve out market share quickly.

When we were approached with the opportunity to launch a US-based network marketing company, we jumped at it. After working through our Brand Strategy Workshop and a full-scope Brand Exploration Exercise that tapped into our client’s vision, we created Esprita – a play on the Spanish word for spirit.

While the term “network marketing” may put some people off, we looked at it from another angle. We’ve always seen brands as communities and the network marketing space is the epitome of community-based branding. The $180 billion category is defined and propelled forward by communities of like-minded individuals who want to create a positive change in their lives by helping others do the same.

Understanding the scrutiny that multi-level marketing companies have come under in recent years, we wanted to erase any negative connotations for Esprita by positioning it as a new generation of MLM enterprise that helps customers and Associates “live legendary lives.”

Quite simply, Esprita was created to help make the world a healthier and happier place. By offering premium quality health and wellness formulations and a sustainable business opportunity backed by leading edge training and support, Esprita is redefining the MLM space.

Vibrancy, Excitement, Inspiration.

Using vibrant colours paired with a neoclassic word-mark created the visual platform for the three-part call to action: Catch the Spirit. Feel the Spirit. Share the Spirit. Excitement was our linchpin for the full suite of marketing materials we developed, designed to inspire and leverage the enthusiasm of Esprita’s associates which would ultimately create the company’s success.

The print, digital, and motion picture assets we created followed suit and the brand took off, with senior executives in the MLM space singing the praises of the new brand. One legendary consultant from Arizona saying it was a rare entry that looked this successful right from the start. And it didn’t just look the part, it rocked!

Esprita’s kickoff event, held in Charlotte, North Carolina in October 2018, was a resounding success. The weekend was a gathering of “first-in” Presidential Founding Candidates whose eagerness and passion for the brand was evident throughout the conference.

National Director of Sales, Johnnie Davis, summed it up: “The Esprita brand is the new benchmark for this industry.  With the incredible buy in we’ve had from all quarters, for the amazing products and business opportunity we offer, we are well on the road to changing the world of network marketing.”


Keith Lingenfelter

Keith Lingenfelter is a talented designer and art director whose boundless passion for creating outstanding work is reinforced by the wealth of knowledge he has gained over the past 16 years of his career. A valued team player and studio leader at Blade Creative Branding, Keith’s innovative thinking and unparalleled attention to detail contribute to his success in producing lasting impressions in branding and advertising.

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