Basic Digital Literacy From Blade

What is Digital Marketing?

These day, being able to market your product or company online is one of the most essential things for success. In the past few decades, the world has doubled down on the consumption of the internet, which has become an even bigger pathway for businesses to leverage. There is a huge opportunity to build their brand by interacting with their potential customers online. In a nutshell, Digital Marketing is promoting brands with the goal to connect with prospective customers, using the internet and other forms of digital communication.

Connecting with your potential customers creates a big impact on your overall business and makes you stand out from your competition.

The Funnel Strategy

Digital marketing acts as an enabler for today’s businesses, and the most important digital marketing disciplines are digital advertising, search engine optimization, content marketing and social media marketing, web analytics and digital customer relationship management. Like the marketing and sales funnel, we have the digital marketing funnel and there are several tools at each stage which provide businesses with the right approach towards developing and executing their marketing strategies.

The stages of the digital marketing funnel are similar to the sales funnel but differ in strategies and implementation. The five stages are:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Intent
  • Conversion
  • Loyalty/Advocacy

Here is a breakdown of the funnel stages real with real-world examples of a user’s buying journey, and how each stage is important for a business to conquer and customize their offering.

Jane is a 35-year-old homeowner wants a kitchen remodel.

  1. Jane realises that the pots aren’t staying organized, and she has had enough of her current kitchen setup – Awareness.
  2. She logs on to Instagram and Pinterest to get ideas for kitchen organization by searching for “How To Organize My Kitchen” – Awareness
  3. Jane then saves and pins all her favourite ideas on social media and starts searching for  a local remodeler on Google – Consideration.
  4. She then gets tired of research and goes back to Facebook to look for kitchen designer recommendations – Awareness.
  5. She then Googles the reviews and projects from the recommended kitchen designers and sees whose project she has already pinned or saved on social Media (Pinterest or Instagram) – Consideration
  6. Jane then picks her favorite designer and contacts then for more information – Intent.
  7. After meeting with the designer and discussing her renovation plans, she signs on for a kitchen remodel – Conversion.
  8. Jane is satisfied with the service, and documents her experience on Instagram – Loyalty.
  9. Jane raves about her new kitchen to her friends on Facebook – Loyalty/Advocacy.
  10. Two years later, Jane’s master bedroom is destroyed from a roof leak. She then calls the same remodeler  for a quote, bypassing the awareness and consideration phases – Loyalty, Intent

The marketing funnel strategy in accordance with the ‘See-Think-Do-Care ‘model which is based-on consumer intent and divides each stage into audience clusters. This is a great example of how businesses can leverage the funnel strategy to loop in customers and enhance their buyer journey.

Digital Marketing Tools

The strategies mentioned above come to life with the following digital marketing tools:


Brand awareness is crucial for any business showcasing its products to current and future customers, it is all about obtaining the right kind of leads and traffic. Hubspot has proved to be an essential tool for inbound marketing and one of the best CRM and CMS tools. It includes an array of tools that can help any business achieve their goals at various stages of their marketing funnel. Functions such as content creation, workflow automation, performance tracking, lead capture and sales pipeline mapping proves to be the perfect amalgamation of marketing functionalities and sales activities, all in one place. Overall, Hubspot can improve your traffic, generate and convert leads and justify ROI for inbound marketing campaigns, making it an essential tool for digital marketing today.


Many customers today rely on search engines for information, and they put a lot of trust in using them to research and explore various options. Search engine optimization is an integral part of digital marketing and businesses spend a lot of time and money perfecting their website visibility and increasing user traffic. Moz is a popular search engine optimization software suite that includes tools for improving search engine visibility. Moz helps you perform keyword research, on-page analytics, backlink analysis and has a rank tracker. It has built a robust community that offers great content and is one of the best SEO tools available for businesses to grow their brand awareness and reach potential customers effectively.


Ahrefs is another top-quality search engine optimization tool that helps increase website traffic and page ranking. It has amazing competitive analysis metrics that allows you keep an eye on who is linking to your competitors pages, competitors top pages, and an extensive keyword explorer to understand your customers keyword searches and customise your offering accordingly. Being in the digital marketing space for quite some time, Ahrefs has made its name as one of the top tools for digital marketing and is used by multiple SEO agencies, small business owners, ‘in house’ marketers, and SEO consultants.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is the best tool for website analytics. It is one of the must essential tools for digital marketers today. From insights about website visitors to providing data points on customer demographics and their behaviour on the webpages, Google Analytics is a one-stop solution to understand websites performance and marketing activities in-line for website traffic. You can also setup goals for tracking conversions, advanced ecommerce setup of their product ecommerce pages and event tracking about user engagement. Since this tool is free it outperforms the benefits, it provides to digital marketers and help them marry their instincts to shape the success strategy of the business.

Sprout Social

Social Media has grown immensely in the past decade and is a great place to learn about new products. Businesses can leverage social media to increase their Brand Loyalty and capitalize on its surging popularity. Sprout Social has emerged as an effective marketing tool to help businesses integrate and use social media platforms. Sprout Social allows businesses to manage everything associated with social media marketing, content curation, scheduling, publishing, reporting and analytics. Businesses can integrate their  Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ on Sprout Social. It also includes a Smart Inbox to manage all communications in one place, organization tools and robust analytical and reporting features, so businesses can get a comprehensive understanding of how their social media strategy has performed. Sprout Social is a powerful all-in-one management platform that helps businesses manage social media marketing effectively.


In today’s world, content plays a crucial role in creating your brand community. BuzzSumo is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses discover content, engagement, and outreach opportunities across search and social. It helps you discover trending stories, customer queries, new keywords, and content success. BuzzSumo provides important features such as Content Discovery, Media Monitoring, Content Research, and Influencer Research. Stay on top of your game with smart features like alerts for customer mentions and curate your content marketing strategy accordingly. Creating and developing a content marketing strategy is a never-ending process for businesses, and BuzzSumo can help them become thought leaders in their industries.


Email marketing is a great tool for businesses to use to help customers along the funnel, it provides a great ROI with low cost when used correctly.

Email marketing helps turn thinkers into doers. and Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing platforms to connect to your customers. You can track traffic garnered from email campaigns and effectively engage with your target audience. With all of MailChimp’s automation, smart features, and customization, it’s a game changer for organizations that are trying to leverage email marketing  to grow their brand community.

Keeping That Edge

To help brands keep their edge, BLADE’s Leading-Edge-Brand-Plan (LEBP) is a customized plan where we build brand communities to help you grow your business. The Leading-Edge-Brand-Plan (LEBP) has been successfully implemented with diverse industry clients using selected strategies and tools discussed above. Get in touch to learn more.

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