Blade Book Report Series, Do It! Marketing by David Newman

At Blade, expanding our skills and enhancing our understanding of the branding industry are key values we embrace. Recently, we put those values to work on a series of book reports crafted by our own inquisitive and brilliant staff. From learning about leadership and spotting trends, to exploring the ‘business of belief’ and the latest ‘instant marketing’ tactics … all the way to ‘re-booting your business’ in the digital age, Blade has tackled five (5) key books. We hope you find our mini summaries and reviews interesting and enlightening.

As always, we invite you to share your comments, whether you’ve read the books or not.

This is the first review in the Blade Book Report Series.

77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profit, and Crush Your Competition
Author: David Newman
Blade Reviewer: Krisztina Virag

Determine WHO then WHY – and your WHAT comes last
When contacting business prospects, connect the dots first. Find a specific reason for reaching out and making a proposal. By telling them you know what is important to them, you will give them a reason to respond.

Stop selling sugar
In an industry where the offering can be found from our competitors, and the clients likely decide based on price, it is easier to lure them in by talking less about ourselves and more about them, their problem, and how we will be able to solve their problem best, especially since we pinpointed the problem on our own (hopefully)

Visible, credible and buyable
Blade is doing pretty well on the visible scale. We are on Google, rank well, and our Blog and our past work buys us the credibility. However can we do more? Getting involved in awards ceremonies takes time and money, but there are other ways of getting recognized within the industry. (Not because we want to be part of the cool gang, but because there might be potential clients that keep an eye on Marketing/Ad magazines.)

Authentic client language
When working on a pitch, incorporate as much of the verbatim words used by the client when explaining their problem area. It will help them feel heard. Another great thing to point out to prospects – who are usually the leaders in their business, is how they will gain better control of their business, their employees and control over increasing sales, and managing their finances.

Nobody leaves hungry
“Prospects who buy should get a 7 course feast, but those that don’t buy should get at least a Happy Meal”. Every pitch should be a keeper. They should be:
o Referencable – make them want to keep it for further reference for the problem areas we have identified and the solutions we have hinted to
o Shareable – with other decision makers within the company
o Educational – containing clever tips, suggestions and ideas that are unique

When making a pitch for a new prospective client, don’t just focus on talking about your (our) fees. Mention the savings they will have or the dollar value our services will bring to them. Talk about how much they will save in advertising, in their time, etc.

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