Blade gives Crown Industrial Roofing a Digital Content Upgrade

For more than 40 years in Southern Ontario, Crown Industrial Roofing has been one of the most trusted names in flat roof repairs and replacements. With new Blade Creative Branding-guided updates to their website, Crown is positioned for similar success as they work towards their 50th anniversary.

The Crown Industrial Roofing target audience is commercial building owners with flat roofs. At first glance, you may think of it as a small market, but every industrial strip in cities and towns across the region features more potential customers than you thought.

To help Crown Industrial Roofing capture that business, Blade worked with them to update the copy on their existing website to include a variety of often used SEO keywords that will increase search engine results, putting the Crown Industrial Roofing name in front of more eyes. The update was vital to the goals of increasing organic traffic, increasing the effectiveness of paid search results, and increasing the number of leads and sales that Crown receives on an ongoing basis.

Blade also spearheaded a new blog on the Crown Industrial Roofing website. The blog posts have been strategically planned to position the brand as an industry leader, and to offer helpful tips and information. Paired with the extensive FAQ section on the website, the blog posts serve to inform flat roof building owners and managers about the risks and demands of managing their roofing needs. The blog posts also include SEO keywords, acknowledging the power of search engines when potential customers are looking for the type of information that Crown Industrial Roofing provides.

Along with these company messages and information, a robust testimonial page was created to feature reviews and comments from Crown Industrial Roofing customers. Testimonials and reviews play an important role in the decision making process for consumers, and the ability to share these reviews in the same digital space that outlines their services and processes, is a strategic win for the brand.

All of these updates and upgrades have been developed via Blade’s deep understanding of the importance of quality, relevant, and effective digital content. If your brand’s digital presence needs an upgrade, call us today.


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