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heart-and-stroke-old-and-new-logosFor more than 60 years the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has been collecting funds to help support research and support for Canadians. And now, after six decades, the foundation is rebranding with a name change and a new logo included.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has now become simply Heart & Stroke, and along with that change and their new logo, the foundation has also updated their research, donation and core focus strategies.

On their website, Heart and Stroke features ambitious heart disease and stroke death prevention goals by 2020, as well as facts boasting of 850 researchers benefitting from donated funds. They also offer reports to donors and .pdfs showing breakthroughs and advancements over the decades to create confidence in the Heart and Stroke brand, inviting more donations in the future.

heart-and-stroke-new-logo-2016-white-and-black-thumbFor too long charities ignored the importance of branding and creating a relationship with their brand community, but it is clear to see now that Heart and Stroke are taking steps to change that in their organization.

We asked Blade’s Associate Creative Director, Keith Lingenfelter to look at Heart and Stroke’s new logo and give his grade and comments.

Grade: A-

Comments: The new logo for Heart & Stroke looks clean, current, and very social media-ready. I think it’s great.

However, as much as I personally appreciate its simplicity, my concern with this logo lies in the ubiquity of the two symbols used to create it.

As a worst-case scenario test, I tried to view it in the way that a disinterested, casual observer might. When it appears without the name in text beside it, the heart-with-a-slash-beside-it graphic may appear to some as nothing more than some sort of Like button or incomplete URL. To many people, it just might not look like a logo. This applies even more so if it’s seen out of the context of an ad or the foundation’s website. However, if indeed this is an issue for some, I believe that in time, and with strong and consistent branding on the part of Heart & Stroke, the problem will eventually resolve itself.

From another perspective, the fact that the two icons of which this sharp new logo is comprised are so ubiquitous can actually serve it well. People like things that are familiar and that they understand. Additionally, I see the heart and slash graphics as having virtually unlimited potential in terms of animation possibilities. There are all sorts of clever things that can be done with them in promotional videos and online advertising.

By the way, the new Heart & Stroke website is stellar. It is friendly, modern, and easy to navigate, with good proportions between text, images, graphics, and white space. Clean and spacious, it, along with its bold new logo, bring the foundation confidently into a new era.

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