Blade Grades: Subway Restaurants New Logo for 2017

2017 Subway Logo Icon Feature ThumbSince 1968, Subway Restaurants has been building their sandwich shop brand all around the world. In those 48 years they’ve done what many brands haven’t, they’ve used only two logos. But, that’s about to change as Subway enters 2017 with a new brand new logo, new colours, and a new icon that will fit in their social media platforms as a profile image.

The changes are easy to see. From the 2002-2016 logo to the 2017 logo, Subway has updated the green and yellow, changed the font, removed the stroke, and even changed the colouring of the letters within the wordmark. What they haven’t changed are the arrows on the S and Y at the left and right of the logo.

Scroll past the Subway logo evolution (top: 1968, middle: 2002, bottom: 2017) for the grades and comments from the Blade Studio!

Subway Restaurants Logo Evolution 1968-2017

Keith: A

This is a smart new logo for Subway. Great evolution. It has the memorable features of the previous logo, but with a much cleaner approach. I like the curvy new font and the overall simplicity of the new wordmark. The colours look more appetizing than the white and highlighter yellow of the old. And the two-arrow icon that creates an ’S’ at its centre is brilliant.

Chris: A

It looks like Subway finally ditched the aging italic, thick-stroked design of yesteryear. The old design gave the impression that the chain was a bonified FASTfood joint however the new design is a step-up as they look much more like an established brand with class. Curvature and the flat, yet vibrant colours give this logo life — With the addition of an icon; Subway now has more versatility in the implementation of this mark. I give them full points for this rebrand.


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