Blade Grades: The New Sears Canada Logo

After 32 years, Sears Canada has made a dramatic change to their blue and white logo.

The old “race track” font is gone, the blue that we’ve associated with the brand for decades is gone, and while it’s still there, the maple leaf has undergone a major overhaul as well.

In the last few years Sears Canada has seen many changes, with more than 2,000 layoffs since 2013 and a shift to a more online based sales model to go with their revamped brick and mortar strategy, this isn’t the same powerhouse brand of the past.

The new black logo with outlined maple leaf will be rolled out this year, and has already been seen on Sears Canada catalogs dated Fall, 2016. The logo was created in-house, with consultants, and Vice-president of Corporate Communications, Vincent Power says, “The real purpose… is to demonstrate to the public that we are reinventing Sears,”.

New Sears Catalog Covers 2016 New Logo

For more insight, we asked Blade’s Associate Creative Director, Keith Lingenfelter to take a look at the updated logo and give his grade and comments.

Keith: B-

First of all, I do believe that the old Sears logo needed an update. And once I see the planned improvements to the in-store and online shopping experience, my attitude toward the store and its new icon may shift in their favour.

Having said all that, I would call the rebranding of the Sears logo “safe.” (Or “boring,” if you will.) In black, the wordmark is dull, but tolerable. In white knockout, against imagery, it looks “pretty good.” I don’t much care for the shape of the stylized maple leaf on its own, but again, with a decent photo behind it, it looks “okay.”

Basically, my eyes barely acknowledge the logo, then move on. This seems appropriate, as for the past decade or two, I’ve barely acknowledged the store itself, as I’ve passed through it on my way from Dundas Station to the stores in the Toronto Eaton Centre that I actually do frequent.

Perhaps I’m not the target market. I don’t know. What I do know, is that this logo does little, if anything, to inspire any interest in me rediscovering a store that I’ve long since forgotten about.

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