Blade Grades: The Q107 Rebrand

Q107 was long known as Toronto’s Classic Rock, but not anymore. With an extensive ad campaign, a new logo and a new tagline, The Q has rebranded and is now Q107: Toronto’s Rock.

Because Toronto has been covered with Q107 ads (keep an eye out on the TTC) we decided to have the Blade Studio staff evaluate the new look and give us their grades and overall thoughts.

If you have any thoughts about the new Q107 rebranding effort or results, vote in the poll at the bottom of the post and leave a comment.

Q107 2015 Rebrand FeatureChris

New Logo Design: A
The new design is contemporary, mission accomplished.
It looks like a logo I’d use for an upscale sports bar, which is the goal in my opinion.

New Tagline: C+
It’s either brave or dumb.
Look, we all know The Edge is Toronto’s de facto “Rock Station” but if Q107 is serious about this re-brand, they’ll certainly have to back up those words by overhauling their playlist.


Disclaimer: I haven’t owned an FM radio in almost ten years.
New Logo Design: B – Major improvement.
The logo is a big improvement. That’s more a critique of the old logo than an endorsement of the new one. I’m not in love with the new “Q”, but I do like that it is unique.

New Tagline: C – Unimaginative, but inoffensive.
The switch from “Classic Rock” to “Toronto’s Rock” makes me think I’m going to hear a lot of indie rock and music from genres that start with “post-“.

This rebrand is not going to convince me to tune in, but I am most likely not the target market.


New Logo Design: A
Overall, I like the new look for Q107, and from what I know about the radio station, suitable decisions were made in its re-branding effort.

The new logo is cleaner and more modern looking than its predecessor, but the squared edges of the font used maintains the brand’s toughness. Sharp corners in the numbers are balanced nicely with the perfect circle of the “Q” which, perhaps intentionally, to some, may register on some level as a record or disc.

Upon first viewing the logo, the “Q” did immediately remind me of the GQ logo. However, this one’s comparative thinness, along with its slightly separated tail, differentiate it adequately from the one used in Gentleman’s Quarterly.

Thankfully, the misaligned, distressed font used for the tagline in the old logo has been replaced with a well-tracked, condensed sans serif.

All things considered, great job, Q107!

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