Blade Launches Podcast In Dangerous Branding Times

The world we live in has been shaped by branding, even created in many respects. Our choices, our attitudes and allegiances have been motivated and affirmed by branding. For better and for worse, branding has been the key player, playing all of us. Every. Single. Day.

As we look ahead, the struggle for a healthier planet and a more equitable, inclusive world will be won or lost with the use of branding. What better time to launch a podcast to help us take stock of how branding is used to create communities and motivate entire populations to affect change?

Blade’s Brand Edge Podcast kicks off with an episode about a prevalent strategy in branding that has been used to dramatic effect for centuries: Identify, Vilify, Criminalize and Vanquish.

This first episode, using Trump as an example, is about reflecting on what happens when people, whose agenda and attitude is, in many respects, quite negative to the greater good, mobilize a community that can rationalize even the most objectionable behaviour.

We’ve seen this strategy employed in many cases throughout the 20th century to justify world wars, persecute genocides and exact environmental destruction on an epic scale. And we’ve certainly witnessed its use in sustaining the racial tension that continues to plague nations worldwide.

We’re launching with this podcast because we believe we have an enlightened and informed view of the power of Branding that can help our viewers thrive in the new reality.

The format for Blade’s Brand Edge Podcast will vary. Sometimes, it’ll be just Wayne sharing insights from over the 30+ year in the branding and advertising business. In other episodes, we’ll have guests talking about Canadian storytelling, the evolving media landscape, the branding of entire populations and, in every case, we’ll aim to share insights to help you get better at branding.


Blade’s Brand Edge Podcast is also here to help further our agency’s ambition:

To create leading edge branding that grows businesses by growing their brand communities. And to advance brand community thinking in pursuit of creating a better world.


Wayne S. Roberts, founder of Blade Creative Branding in Toronto, has an attitude about brands and branding … because he knows they’ve created the world we live in. In this insightful, often bitingly humorous podcast, Wayne and his guests will explore how branding will continue to change the world … and maybe even save it!

 Have a look. Share your comments and keep your edge!



Wayne S. Roberts

The Globe and Mail calls Wayne S. Roberts "an ad industry provocateur." Maybe its because he's never seen the point of playing by the ad game rules that place awards above results, while offering spec work instead of real value to win accounts. Throughout his career, Wayne has maintained a defiantly independent streak characterized by his insistence that agencies must be honest, direct and passionately invested in their clients' success. His pioneering work in espousing the brand community perspective has been a touchstone of his belief that branding is more than just logos, websites and ad campaigns; it is the fundamental way human beings connect with each other to create communities and launch movements that have changed our world.

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