Blade Presents: The NFL’s Worst Logos!

With the NFL season officially here some of the Blade team has taken it upon ourselves to look at the 32 team logos and pick our personal least favourites.

Some logos elicited stronger responses than others from certain people, and some logos kept popping up in picks over and over again.

Have a look at our lists and tell us which NFL logos you think are the worst in the league.

Kat Worst NFL LogosPittsburgh – This logo looks like it belongs at a gas station. It does not leave me with any sense of athletics and is not particularly something I would be proud to be a part of.
Indianapolis –  I feel that this execution of the horseshoe was poorly done because it appears to be fragile rather than resilient. It is about as intimidating as a butterfly.
San Diego –  I have no idea what this logo is…

All of these logos lack a sense of identity and pride. A logo related to athleticism should reflect the team. For instance a lion is courageous, a panther agile and a bull sturdy. What does a circle and 3 stars say about the team?

Chris Worst NFL LogosSan Diego – You heard me Chargers. Your logo may have history but it’s boring. Normally I say adding elements to a logo design is poor decision making, not here. Fill in that negative space!
Kansas City – What’s with NFL teams and stretching their logo’s horizontally?! KC you’re the worst offender in this department because you’re cramming letters in there too. Yyyyeeeesssshhhh!
Atlanta – Falcons you’re last on my list. Yes, you updated your logo, but what’s with the proportions? Balancing nightmare.

Honourable Mention
Washington – Their logo would be fantastic, if it weren’t so racially insensitive.

Michele Worst NFL LogosSan Diego – Looks like an un happy moustache.
Indianapolis – The sign of luck.. Are they so bad that they need luck?  Its also skinny and we don’t want our football players to be skinny.
Cleveland and the NY Jets – Well…. They’re just boring. Jets looks like a Simpsons football team.

Brian Worst NFL LogosWashington – Just because it’s super racist.
San Diego – This logo looks great on a helmet, but not really anywhere else.
Tampa Bay – There’s lots of valid choices for worst logo in the bunch, but in terms of pure design, Tampa Bay takes the cake. A skull, football, and cross-swords on a tattered flag on a pole that is also a sword? Was this designed by Rob Liefeld?

Keith Worst NFL LogosNew York Jets – The small, white, static football is uninspiring and the overlapping text makes this logo too complicated overall.
Atlanta Falcons – The falcon is over-stylized and its proportions are off.
Green Bay Packers – There’s simple and then there’s boring. I am suggesting that this one’s the latter.

Keith Best NFL LogosTo balance things out, here are some of the NFL logos that I do like:

Dallas Cowboys – Iconic and memorable, this logo is perfectly suited to the team and its culture.
Philadelphia Eagles – The bird of prey graphic is suitably bold and intense. It works well with the custom Eagles font.
Pittsburgh Steelers – Distinctive and graphically appealing, this logo is truly a classic.

Josh Worst NFL LogosWashington – I don’t even want to acknowledge the name of this franchise or the logo. It’s time for it to be gone and for all of us to start calling them the Generals or something of that nature!
San Diego – I get the whole “lightning bolt = electrical charge” thing, but this logo is pretty lame.
Cleveland – Maybe there’s some genius in not having a logo. But if there is, I’m missing it. Someone needs to get the Browns a real logo, and please not the dog.

Anita Worst NFL LogosSan Diego – Pretty weak for a lightning bolt!

Looking at all of the entries in this post maybe Anita said it best. San Diego was mentioned 6 times out of 7, followed by Washington with 3 and a handful of others with 2 mentions each.

We’re not saying the entire league needs to take a look at their branding and shake things up, but there certainly are some franchises that could use a logo facelift.

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