Blade Creative Branding: Toronto’s Best Advertising Agency

At Blade, we are not so big on awards. For the most part, we just like to let our work do the talking for our clients.

However, when we are honoured, we do like to take some time to recognize the hard work we have done. So when reached out to let us know we had made the list for Top Advertising Agencies in the city, we thought it would be a great opportunity to stop and pat ourselves on the back.

Our clients know we do more than assisting them with their advertising strategy. Before we even onboard them, we take a deep dive into their history, how they branded themselves and what their sales look like. We look at packaging, upcoming products launches, and what the competition is doing. And we don’t stop once we’ve onboarded them. Brand strategy is a continuous thing, and something we take very seriously with all our clients. We like to look ahead, in fact problem solving and predicting trends is one of our strong suits. It’s why we’re proud to highlight¬†Benzagel’s new creative or our viral TikTok for SpiderTech. Not to toot our own horn, but advertising isn’t just something Blade does. It’s who we are.