Brand Edge Episode #5: Brand Loyalty

Want Loyal Customers? It’s Simple: Get Emotional!

Loyalty is the mother load of outcomes for any brand hoping to last. Customers who stay connected to your brand; staff who love working in your organization; and a whole world of followers who are so grateful you’re around, all ensure a sustainable brand that practically grows itself.

How do you make all that happen?

Start by having a listen to this month’s Brand Edge podcast with Wayne S Roberts.

In this emotionally charged episode, Wayne takes you through some revealing truths about what people actually do when they buy your product or service. Spoiler Alert: they don’t actually buy, at all. What they do is invest a currency far more valuable than money. They invest their trust, their faith and their expectations of satisfaction.

So they don’t just buy, says WSR, they buy in with their emotional currency. And that underlying reality should prompt you to focus on the Return on Emotion (ROE) you want to realize at every touch point of your brand.

Wayne also elucidates on Blade’s Three “Rs” for a Successful Return on Emotion that generates enduring customer loyalty:
• Reaction: get noticed by getting the feeling right
• Relationship: get connected in meaningful ways
• Retention: deliver on promises and stay relevant by innovating

Study after study makes the point that customers become more valuable to you, as buyers and advocates, as they become more emotionally connected to your brand. That’s because a more connected and respected customer will gladly part with their money if they feel their emotional currency is being invested in a brand that values them.


Wayne S. Roberts

The Globe and Mail calls Wayne S. Roberts "an ad industry provocateur." Maybe its because he's never seen the point of playing by the ad game rules that place awards above results, while offering spec work instead of real value to win accounts. Throughout his career, Wayne has maintained a defiantly independent streak characterized by his insistence that agencies must be honest, direct and passionately invested in their clients' success. His pioneering work in espousing the brand community perspective has been a touchstone of his belief that branding is more than just logos, websites and ad campaigns; it is the fundamental way human beings connect with each other to create communities and launch movements that have changed our world.

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