The Power of Branding Your Cleantech Company

Committing to Cleantech

What more can be said about the global health crisis? It’s a moment in history that has and will continue to test the resilience of humankind. Let’s face it though – the pandemic is only the tip of the iceberg.

While we continue to fight both the physical and mental strain from this global health crisis together, other global issues will test our capabilities and agility. Climate change has clearly impacted the health of our planet. While this is alarming to the future of Earth itself, there is hope on the horizon. An important reason for hope is in the cleantech industry.

Canada Strong

Beating Corona

With the majority of Canadians working from home, our planet has seen a temporary reduction in daily CO2 emissions. Who knew it would take COVID-19 for many to realize the importance of not only the state of our health, but the state of the very planet we live in!

Fortunately, in Canada, key efforts are being made to make this planet a greener, healthier and ultimately, more livable place for generations to come. The environment has been talked about quite a bit over the years – from documentaries such as An Inconvenient Truth, to the David Suzuki Foundation. Has there ACTUALLY been any CONCRETE positive developments – especially in cleantech?

Yes! Although the advancements have been slower to take shape, Canada is exemplifying leadership in the sector:

• Canada ranks as the #1 investment vehicle for cleantech innovation and #16 in cleantech commercialization.
• Canada ranks first in the G20 for clean technology innovation (NRC).
• Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources announced a $1,119,000 investment to help Nova Scotia Power establish cost-effective energy solutions for an electric vehicle smart-grid system.

The acknowledgement of the value, commitment to results and the funding for an overall better future through cleantech is there.

Start-Ups & Branding

Our American counter-part has also been developing their own advocacy efforts. Just last month, Bloomberg Green reported that “Breakthrough Energy Ventures, the clean-tech venture capital fund led by Bill Gates has raised $1 billion for a second round of investments, after backing 45 start-ups with its first billion.”

While the number “45” sounds relatively small in retrospect, it’s still progress. This progress will be key to continue advancing an industry that needs all the help it can get. But how do we take that next step LEAP into a better future? Similar to the funding Gates provided, that LEAP hinges on leaders who are committed to driving the cleantech industry into success.

Our collaborative partnership with CHAR Technologies embodies this very notion. CHAR Technologies is a Canadian cleantech company that uses breakthrough Canadian technology to create environmentally sustainable solutions.

In 2019, Blade was tasked with a branding assignment to engage CHAR’s brand community. Their mission? “To be challengers to the boundaries of technology in the cleantech industry.” A BOLD statement indeed, but a statement that invokes a commitment to improve the very world we live in.

Cleantech is coming

Cleantech Challenges

Unfortunately, cleantech companies continue to face challenges such as:

• Green fatigue from B2B partners/clients. They may suffer from a lack of education on the long-term benefits such as cost reductions to their business practice.
• The political party in power can be the difference between cleantech industry advancements and regression.
• Receiving consistent investment is also a major hurdle.

Cleantech organizations must prove themselves in order to receive the funding they need to continue making an impact. When the funding is in place, cleantech organizations may struggle with effectively launching their brand into the market. Without a sound brand communication strategy, their “1 shot” to launch comes and goes, with their once hopeful investors losing faith in the very investment they sought to commit to.

Fortunately our collaborative efforts with CHAR Technologies has seen their business model thrive. Cleantech is a space that requires the combination of competitive fortitude and a timely attitude. As a result of our collaborative efforts, CHAR has demonstrated both, consistently.

CHAR + Blade Partnership

Andrew White, CEO of CHAR Technologies sums it up best in an interview with Newswire on April 21st, 2020 – taking place at the very onset of the pandemic.


In Q1 of 2020, Blade completed a key branding assignment for CHAR, as we launched an integrated multi-site to address their 3-core business pillars. The multi-site promoted CHAR’s environmental technology solution service – CHARTech Solutions, organizational compliance/risk improvement – Altech and their new division, CHAR Biocarbon, which delivers innovative, value added and sustainable biocarbons.

While adequate funding is required for a start-up in the cleantech/environmental sector, an experienced strategic partner is just as important. Think of it this way – the automobile (funding) is meant to provide the foundation and structure for success. The keys (the RIGHT branding agency) allows you to drive that automobile (funding) to the right destination – without any delays or accidents along the way.

A Slice of Blade’s Strategy

At Blade, we take our cleantech partners through a vigorous process so you can thoroughly understand the type of archetype and narrative you not only want to be – but need to be for your brand community. While the industry may seemingly call for a classic hero vs. villain narrative, that may not always be the case. Your organization needs to remain true to the very reason why you started this venture in the first place. That’s discovered during our progressive 3-phased approach, which includes:

Phase 1: Exploration & Discovery:
– Comprehensive Brand Breakthrough Experience
– Internal/External Stakeholder Interviews
– 2-Part Communication Strategy to fulfill your objectives,
with strategies and tactical recommendations to align with your brand’s launch into the market.

Phase 2: Go-To-Market Launch:
– Go-to-market launch from various recommendations from our Phase 1 collaborative process.

Phase 3: Ongoing Maintenance/Growth:
– To thrive, your brand needs to survive.
Our phase 3 service offering includes:
– Consistent launch/growth of paid and owned media campaign initiatives.
– Ongoing updates to objectives launched from our recommendations/initiatives in phase 2.

If you’re a cleantech start-up and have the capital to get started, let’s talk:

Check us out at: Blade Creative Branding

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The Time is Now

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through advanced technology and consultancy is crucial for a better, safer and ultimately – healthier planet.

’Cause that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Talking the talk is one thing. Practising it consistently – similar to our 3-phased strategic branding process is another entirely and is crucial to your success. As a branding and advertising agency, we know this all too well. Our expertise works in not only the cleantech space, but in beverage, real-estate, health and wellness, technology, cannabis and advocacy – to name a few. You name it, we’ve done it!

Our model is guaranteed to grow your brand community, and ultimately, your business – all while propelling growth in an industry that quite frankly, needs more of it.

Branding changes the world, and we can change the world together – whether you’re new to the game, or are an evolving player. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this 30-year-old start-up!


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