CASL Review: One Year Later

It has been one year since CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation) became part of our lives, and it feels like a natural time to look back at the impact of the changes that have come from this legislation.

There are two distinct groups effected by the changes to email marketing: Consumers and Businesses. To make more sense of the changes we’ve seen since last summer, let’s break things down into those two categories.


CASL 1 Year FeatureReports show that consumers have seen a 37% drop in spam emails since the implementation of CASL. That’s a great start, and it has allowed people to open the emails they want to receive, instead of moving emails to their junk folders en masse without so much as a second thought.

Receiving fewer junk emails also allows consumers to pay more attention to the content of the emails that are arriving in their inbox. If a brand is sending out a monthly or quarterly newsletter there is a stronger chance that the folks who are still on your distribution list are more likely to remember that they have signed up for your correspondence and read what you have sent.

The CASL legislation was specifically intended to support Canadian consumers, and it looks like it has started to do that job.

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Email SendCASL became an inconvenient process for many businesses who had been compiling, and buying, lists of email addresses for years in the hopes that one day a consumer would open their message and buy something. However, it offered more calculated businesses an opportunity to filter their mailing lists and better target their email marketing to consumers who chose to continue receiving their messages.

While mailing lists may have shrunk, it is important to remember that your email marketing should be based on quality leads not quantity of leads. Unless you are in fact trying to spam consumers and hoping for the best, CASL worked as a way of getting away from the glory of big numbers and back to the benefits of reaching the right audience.

CASL also provided businesses with an opportunity to improve the ROI of their email marketing campaigns. Many email companies charge by the number of email addresses on a distribution list, so lowering that number, while keeping the qualified leads, saves money. That also means that any money earned through purchases or new business with your smaller and less expensive email campaign increases your ROI in a dollars spent vs dollars earned equation.

This new legislation was meant to hold businesses to a higher standard in Canada. And one year in it seems to be doing its job.

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