CHAR Technologies Inc. (CVE:YES) Grows Market Presence in Enviro-Tech Sector

When a business sees growth potential, often time, branding is an essential factor that needs to be addressed. When that same business operates in a still emerging technology sector, executing a major brand consolidation is gutsy. That’s how you might be inclined to describe Andrew White, CEO of CHAR Technologies, because Andrew and his colleagues did just that. Blade helped.

We’d cut our teeth a little sharper when we connected with Andrew as he was launching SulfaChar – a breakthrough bit of enviro-tech wizardry that filters landfill gas, so it burns cleaner – which helps it produce even more energy from a gas that used to be flared into the atmosphere. Smart man, that Andrew.

While SulfaChar was catching on, Andrew was inventing another innovation that takes bio-mass and turns it into a coal-like energy substitute that outperforms traditional coal, at less cost. It’s called CleanFyre.

But wait, there’s more! Andrew was also in talks to acquire a venerated player in the environmental consulting, auditing and technology space. Altech has been in the game for decades and was looking for a partner to help take it to a new level of achievement. Enter Andrew White.

With Blade onside, we took the whole shebang under our wing. We created the CleanFyre brand, updated the Altech brand, invented CHARTech Solutions and launched the whole works on a new website that integrated all of the companies under the CHAR Technological Inc. corporate banner.

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It’s called scaling your enterprise. From a branding point of view, it’s called “challenge accepted, and knockout solution delivered.”

From Brand Strategy Workshop to Full Scope Creative Development to Web Design and Deployment, Blade worked shoulder to shoulder with Andrew and his colleague, Altech’s Brian Bobbie, to nail it.

“We’ve worked with Blade for a few years now. Their approach, their integrity, their commitment to relationship building is excellent. So is their work – every time,” says Andrew White.

The assignment required skill and sensitivity if the integrated branding solution was to catch on, particularly with the team at Altech, which was being acquired as part of the overall project.

A big priority for Andrew, Brian and Blade was to make sure the internal stakeholders were involved with the development of the brand. It was essential that everyone within the organization was on board with the new direction of the brand.”

Did it work? “Everybody loves the result,” says Andrew.

As for what’s next for CHAR Technologies Inc., CEO White has just one thing to share for now: “Stay tuned. We’re just getting started.”

Learn more about the evolution of CHAR Technolgies here.


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