Client Success Story: How Fujitsu Dominates The Document Scanning Marketplace

Building an Office Tech Brand Community with Purpose

Successful brands connect the core values of their brand community with the mission and purpose of their organization. “Shaping tomorrow with you” is Fujitsu Canada’s mission that they fulfill throughout their product offerings.

By combining digital technology and market-savvy product evolution, Fujitsu Canada creates value and opportunities for their customers by offering “Digital Co-creation” – an innovation that delivers a more efficient future.

Fujitsu Canada & Blade

Blade has been delighted to collaborate with Fujitsu since the brand’s arrival in Canada, helping to grow awareness and market share for a wide range of product introductions including dot matrix printers, computer hard drives, plasma display screens and notebook computers. Most recently, document scanning technology has been the focus, specifically the ScanSnap and the fi Series product lines of personal scanners.

As an established leader in office automation, Fujitsu’s state-of-the-art document scanning solutions deliver higher efficiency, increased image quality, and dependable paper handling. Plus, they’re easy to use.

Fujitsu Canada’s document scanner group works with Blade to coordinate digital ads and thought leadership initiatives by building sustainable relationships with content publishers in the IT, education, government, finance and healthcare industries.

We ensure every publication strategically aligns with Fujitsu Canada’s brand promise, which has led to campaign success after success and helped the brand achieve market domination as the #1 Global Image Scanner since 2009.

Fujitsu’s Senior Marketing Manager, Steve Oblin understands that the market for dependable and efficient document scanning solutions continues to evolve, and so has Fujitsu.

“Our document scanning products lead the market in features, reliability and innovation,” he says. “And customers continue to express their confidence and commitment to our brand because
they know, with Fujitsu, you’re investing in performance, not just price.”

The iX1500 – A Success Story Driven by Innovation

The ScanSnap iX1500 is an inspiring story of success being recognized as one of the most dependable document scanners on the market. It increases scanning efficiency and provides an intuitive, user-friendly experience with its state-of-the-art software. With push-button ease, the iX1500 simplifies the scanning process for a variety of formats, making it quicker to digitize your documents.

Since its launch more than a year ago, the iX1500 has received positive feedback from market-leading publishers.

An example of this can be found on IT World Canada, with the iX1500 product review published in early 2019. The team at ITWC developed the review organically after exploring the Fujitsu product and publishing a variety of content about the growth of document scanning.

Throughout 2019, Blade expanded the presence of the iX500 and the recently released iX1500. This was achieved with reputable publishing platforms such as LinkedIn, StarMetro, and – an independent grassroots technology blog made by Canadians, for Canadians. Building trust with a brand’s community takes time, even when the product is a winner. This makes it increasingly more important to align your messaging and media spend accurately, so the brand is seen in the best places.

As McLuhan said, “the medium is the message” so having your brand appear on reputable publisher platforms enhances the perceived value of your offering.

Insightful Media Strategy is Essential

Meeting with Fujitsu Canada every quarter gives us the opportunity to discuss current results and optimize go-forward strategies and investments in a collaborative way.

When Blade was tasked with building the strategic launch plan for the iX1500, we considered that some of Fujitsu Canada’s current customers, who already own the iX500, may need more time to adopt the new product. The iX500 was and continues to be a staple for many business professionals and entrepreneurs.

Ultimately, we wanted to offer both new and existing customers a more powerful product. Collaborating with our publishers was, as always, a vital component. And, as always, they came through.

The ScanSnap iX1500 is the flagship model of the ScanSnap Series, capable of digitizing large volumes of papers quickly. Check out the product video, below.

Building Better Relationships is About Fundamentals

Fujitsu’s line of ScanSnap and fi Series of document scanners continues to lead the market and Blade is honoured to be part of the integrated team that has helped create that success. It is particularly satisfying given major market brands, with price conscious products, compete for many of the same buyers. And yet, Fujitsu outpaces them all by creating premium quality products people trust.

Building trust and delivering on promises are values we share with Fujitsu. Here are a few key takeaways that guide our client relationships:

1. Schedule productive meetings throughout the year to discuss campaign objectives and explore strategic options for future campaigns. Annual meetings aren’t enough.

2. Plan campaign initiatives with reputable media platforms and partners whose own brands align with your client’s product offering and corporate values.

3. Evaluate campaign results ruthlessly by providing transparent reports, insightful observations and recommendations to further optimize advertising investments.

4. Collaborate with a proactive mindset to bring new ideas and invite suggestions from all stakeholders who want to see continued growth.

It’s fundamentals that underpin every successful innovation – whether its product, promotion or client care in nature. That’s how we build success stories with all of our clients.

Learn more about Blade’s approach to building brands and brand communities here.


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