Coca-Cola Debuts New Unified Brand

Coca -Cola is back in the news.

Less than 2 months after the brand picked up significant coverage for an insignificant story, the carbonated beverage giant is once again taking over headlines with the announcement of their new Unified Brand approach to the Coca-Cola family of drinks.

Much like the Share a Coke campaign, the launch is not taking place in North America. Instead, Coke drinkers in 12 European countries will be the first to find the new pop cans on store shelves when the designs are brought to the public.

If you’re not a Coke drinker, refresh your memory with a look at the current roster of cans.
Coca Cola 2015 North America Cans

Now, here’s a look at the new lineup of Coca-Cola cans as presented on the Coca-Cola Spain website.
Coca Cola Unified Brand Cans

To give some professional insight on the design of the new Coke cans we asked Brian from the Blade Design Team to give us his thoughts.

Pepsi Rebrand CansBrian: I like what Coke is doing here quite a bit. It reminded me instantly of the most recent Pepsi rebrand that sought to unify their brand, only, as usual, Coke has done it better.

Where Pepsi went wrong was in modifying their iconic red, white and blue icon to be slightly different on each can, primarily in the thickness of the the white streak. While it did create an identifier for each product, it also led to each version looking slightly “off” and not retaining the simple charm of the original. In stark contrast to that flub, Coke’s iconic swoosh and wordmark appear identical across these new cans. They’ve taken their classic (pun totally intended) brand elements and stripped them down to their pure essence and said “this is Coke.”

My verdict: Damn near perfect. I only wish that they had chosen a consistent typeface for the sub-products “zero” and “light”.


Reports indicate that success in the first 12 European markets will lead to a global rollout of the new unified brand packaging this summer. Our gut feeling is that it will take a little longer than that with a more likely launch date of Q3 2015 at the earliest.

There is no doubt that this change does an excellent job of bringing together all of the Coke flavours under one banner. The only question is, how long will it take customers to get used to the new cans and the less glaring differences between their preferred Coca-Cola option?

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