Crown Industrial Roofing Proves Radio is Still a Potent Lead Generating Medium

Along with recent website and 40th anniversary brand updates, Crown Industrial Roofing has rolled out a series of new radio ads in the GTA to elevate brand awareness and generate leads.

When Blade took on the account in 2015, we were keen to recommend radio – and the medium has performed well for Crown. Supported with targeted digital advertising and pay-per-click campaigns, developed and deployed by Blade, radio has helped deliver a steady stream of new leads to Crown.

While some agency folks and media pundits dismiss radio as irrelevant, we know the medium offers an excellent platform to target captive audiences. When the creative is solid and the station mix is smart, the phone will ring. With Crown, Blade has proved it, again and again.

Listen to three of Crown Industrial Roofing’s 2017 radio ads below. If you want to see how radio can work as part of your advertising mix, tune in to Blade! Or just call us.


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