Culture Is Key To Building Your Brand

Your company culture is a gateway to growth and opportunity for not only your employees, but for the success of your business. So it’s no surprise that corporations with little employee morale are barely scraping by, with frequent employee turnover from various departments occurring throughout the year.

So, how can you ensure that your organization reduces turnover in order to build a culture with sustained success? Start by engaging your culture to help build trust with your brand community. Remember: The most important neighbourhood in your brand community exists internally.

Engage Your Culture

The success of your culture is a key reason why your business stays IN business. If a workplace culture is dysfunctional, it will have a negative impact throughout the interactions within your organization. This in turn, lowers the standards for your brand, creating a mediocre culture with complacent staff who produce mediocre results.

It can get WORSE. Review sites are always lurking in the background as outlets for former employees to voice both their positive and negative experiences. This can influence the perspective of employment candidates and potential customers with whom you’re trying to build trust with. Starting with a proactive cultural approach will help eliminate the potential for any negative experiences with your staff.

According to, “Organizations are changing, responding to data coming out of positive psychology that shows that by increasing workplace happiness, you can increase productivity by 31% and increase sales by 37%. Organizations of the future will put a large emphasis on personal growth, remembering that workers are human. They need to feel a sense of engagement, as well as passion for the purpose that their role and the organization are trying to fulfill, in order to feel that their work matters.”

Encourage and engage your staff in growing their skills (Mastery), create opportunities for them to use those skills (Self Direction), while your business reinforces those skills with support, recognition and rewards (Purpose.) Supporting the growth of your employees through opportunities such as seminars, webinars and online/offline university and college courses help grow the knowledge of your employees, propelling your business forward.

Commit To Your Culture

Making culture a priority begins with simple, small scale initiatives. Here’s how:

Monthly Lunch N’ Learns are a powerful way to inspire collaboration and curiosity among your staff. This builds confidence in their communication skills and their knowledge of your industry. At Blade, our Lunch N’ Learn schedule has now grown to include perspectives across our entire organization, where everyone feels a sense of duty to contribute to both the format and the discussion.

Once your employees see how they can participate, it will evolve into a committed culture for your customers. Help your customers FEEL that they are more than just “a customer.” They need to feel this sense of belonging by interacting with an environment that they enjoy investing their time in. Ultimately, it’s the personalities of your staff that need to share the same passion for your business and they can only do that when they have confidence in your culture.

“Work takes up a large aspect of your life” says Wayne S. Roberts, President at Blade Creative Branding.

“With roughly 40 hours spent at work EVERY WEEK, make it count. When it’s all said and done, your culture needs to be positive and consistent in order to create success for your brand community – and receiving their trust is crucial to your success. These are the people you both want and need as brand ambassadors, so you can tell the story of your brand through passionate people who feel they are a part of it. It’s an ever revolving cycle of positive energy between the people within your company and every person they reach outside of your company.”

That old saying “practice what you preach” is a key factor in a cultural sense. According to Forbes: When it Comes To Recruiting, Put Company Culture First: “It’s far more important to ensure that your business practices actually reflect your espoused values. Culture directly influences organizational performance.”

Evolve Your Culture

Evolving your culture is key to evolving your brand. Every brand is a destination that you, your customers, your suppliers, and even your competitors populate, creating a living community. The key values shared by each of these interrelated groups define your brand.

The success of your organization also means more opportunities to engage your staff outside of the office! As mentioned in Forbes: “When (It Comes To Recruiting, Put Company Culture First), the goal is to make sure your staff “love the organization, not just the job.” Coordinate team building activities such as archery, bowling, ping pong or rock climbing to build cohesion and confidence as a team – key factors that fulfill the one word we all long for: Happiness. After all, if there isn’t happiness within the organization, your staff won’t be motivated to exude happiness and positivity towards your customers.

Engage, Commit, Evolve, Repeat…

An engaged and thriving culture that is committed to evolving will create an environment that will attract new hires and clients consistently. This will lead to sustained success throughout your organization that will positively impact the relationships with your customers.

And guess what?

It might eventually make the world a better place.


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