F*ck Fiverr: Why Your Logo Should Absolutely Cost More Than $5

Fiverr Logo Design OptionsWhen most people make the decision to start a new business, they get excited about the tangible things that people will see, their brand name, logo, colours, etc. But what they may not understand, or value as much as they should, is the importance of getting their logo right as part of an overall branding strategy.

Fiverr is taking complete advantage of this fact, advertising their logo creation services for as little as five dollars. It sounds like a great deal. But stop for a second and ask yourself what kind of research, thought, or attention is going to be dedicated to your brand in the creative process of a five dollar logo?

In contrast, a legitimate creative agency, like Blade, sees your logo as part of a larger picture. A single piece of your entire brand puzzle that seamlessly works together to create your identity, relay your message to your brand community, and work optimally with all of your brand communication elements.

That means it needs more time, thought, and dedication to create your logo than it does to order and wait for pizza delivery. It is your brand’s symbol after all. Wouldn’t you want to know that the image the world associates with your brand is part of your brand?

Blade is proud of the logos we have created over the years for clients like Ramblin’ Road, Crown Roofing, Paradigm Condominiums and more. Each logo was created with the client’s business, goals, target demographics and mission included in the thought process. They were all uniquely created to serve the brand they represent. They aren’t off-the-shelf solutions, because if you want your brand to be something special, there is no off-the-shelf solution.

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