Five Pointers for a Better Business Blog

With modern branding, engagement is everything. But just having a business blog will not necessarily give you the return on investment that you are looking for. Think of your business blog as an extension of your marketing plan. Follow these five pointers and start getting the results you want.

  1. Focus Your Keywords – Having a tightly focused set of keywords before you start writing your post will help keep you on message. Selecting appropriate keywords involves identifying who your audience is and what they are looking for. Taking the time to craft a list of keywords will give your posting a strong direction.
  2. Target Your Message – Using your carefully crafted keywords, you can now start writing your post. By providing content that is relevant and important to your audience, you give them a reason to come back and, over time, a reason to trust your organization. Offering actionable information helps build rapport and offers the opportunity to create dialogue with your potential customers.
  3. Entice Further Engagement – Now that you’ve engaged your audience with a thought provoking blog post, it’s time to deepen the relationship. Your blog is a great place to do this. If someone has already taken the time to read through your posting, wouldn’t that be the perfect place to offer them more information? By providing links to more content (whitepapers, videos, ebooks, etc.) you are beginning to strengthen the relationship and turn an anonymous reader into a brand community member.
  4. Make Sharing Easy – Your audience just read something they found useful, they are currently engaged in your brand, and they know some people they think might appreciate what they just read. Why not make it easy for them to share? Social Media offers an easy way to share information with peers and help increase brand awareness. Facebook is rapidly approaching 1 billion users, making it the perfect time to utilize peoples’ natural tendency to share things they enjoy, by providing the means to do so easily. Adding Social Media Buttons on the bottom or side of every blog post makes it easy for your audience to spread the word for you.
  5. Track and Analyze – This may be the most important step in building a better business blog. After each post, check to see how much traffic was driven to your site. More importantly, how did people find your article? Did they search on the keywords from your list? Do you now rank higher for those keywords? By answering these questions, and more, you will gain a better perspective of what people are looking for and then tailor your posts to meet these needs.

Building a blog that engages your audience can be an essential tool in attracting new customers and building a strong brand community. If you would like to read more about Blade’s view on the modern branding landscape, download our “Brand Community Brief” whitepaper here.


Wayne S. Roberts

The Globe and Mail calls Wayne S. Roberts "an ad industry provocateur." Maybe its because he's never seen the point of playing by the ad game rules that place awards above results, while offering spec work instead of real value to win accounts. Throughout his career, Wayne has maintained a defiantly independent streak characterized by his insistence that agencies must be honest, direct and passionately invested in their clients' success. His pioneering work in espousing the brand community perspective has been a touchstone of his belief that branding is more than just logos, websites and ad campaigns; it is the fundamental way human beings connect with each other to create communities and launch movements that have changed our world.

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