Greenpark Homes Condominiums Case Study Review

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How do you move from subdivisions in the suburbs to condos in the city?

Blade knows.

For decades Greenpark Homes worked hard to build family homes and a reputation as a quality, high value and affordable residential housing units. But when they decided that it was time to move into the urban condominium market, they knew they needed branding and marketing help.

Enter Blade.

The first step for Blade was to perform a State of the Brand Review. Through that process it was determined that the strength of the Greenpark Homes brand was their reputation of integrity, quality and innovation in creating high value yet affordable residential housing.

With an immediate understanding that Greenpark wasn’t going to be the biggest player in the downtown condo building market, the branding focus was set on the quality of the buildings, smart suite designs, useful hotel inspired amenities and outstanding value for both investors and condo buyers. The idea of Greenpark Homes raising the standard of condominium living stuck as a strong statement and brand promise that would elevate the presence and reputation of Greenpark in their new venture.

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From the outset of the project, Blade focused on the core deliverables that Greenpark’s condominiums would present. The list included: convenient locations, landmark architecture, intelligently designed suites and hotel-inspired amenities. And perhaps most importantly to condo buyers, the amenities that Greenpark included were those that residents would actually use. It was determined that too often amenities are included in condos because they look good in a presentation brochure, but in the end go unused and increase maintenance fees. Blade’s goal was to communicate clearly that Greenpark would bring the same innovation, attention to detail and value that they had been applying to their low-rise suburban homes.

When the planning phase started, Blade determined that a flexible, creative and memorable campaign was required to speak to investors, brokers and end-users at the same time. It also needed to have a strong call to action that allowed for measurable metrics that could be used to refine and redeploy the message moving forward.

Axiom Condos Long Vertical BannerA new CMS website and e-newsletters were developed to spread the Greenpark condominium message to its new audience. A powerful campaign of digital and pay-per-click Google Adwords was also used to support traditional print, TV, radio and out-of-home advertising that elevated Greenpark’s brand recognition in Toronto.

Along with the updates to the Greenpark website, Blade built sites for Upper Village 2 (UV2), Axiom and Allure to coincide with the launch of their marketing plan and sales. The websites have been updated throughout the project with suite and amenity details, registration forms, and presentation information.

A social media content and engagement strategy was also developed and deployed via Facebook. Posts featuring each developments amenities and news updates as well as design tips, local retailers and restaurants, and neighbourhood events made up a content calendar that allowed Blade to offer relevant community information to potential buyers and other local residents and businesses. This content also worked to support the integrated ad campaign in building the Greenpark Brand Community.

Working closely with Greenpark’s team, Blade helped to create welcoming and contemporary presentation centres. Unlike the standard kitchen/living room sample that many developers offered, Greenpark’s condominium presentation centres featured fully furnished, designer-decorated models that potential buyers could visit and experience more realistically.

Throughout the entire process of updating and expanding the Greenpark brand, Blade worked with and managed multiple suppliers to provide high quality renderings, displays and collateral material. Everyone understood that high quality images and presentations equaled a higher level of perceived quality and value in the finished product, ultimately resulting in more sold units in less time.

Blade is also proud of the fact that every Greenpark condo launched, whether urban or suburban, has seen fast sell-out success. These results were achieved for a significantly lower cost than many other condo developers have spent on their projects.

As always, Blade’s approach was to do a better job, not a unnecessarily more expensive job.


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