How Social Media Can Keep Your Health and Wellness Brand Healthy and Well

When it comes to health and wellness products, people are understandably cautious. Health is our most precious asset, and you’d hate to put something in your body that contributes to your own demise. And with so many different products on the market – with often hyperbolic claims – you need to be sure that what you’re taking is a) going to work, and b) not going to kill you. So how can your health and wellness company gain widespread trust? The answer, oddly enough, is effectively managed social media.

Here are 6 powerful outcomes that having an effectively managed social media strategy will deliver:

  1. Building Awareness
  2. Establishing Brand Authority
  3. Demonstrating Authenticity
  4. Encouraging Engagement
  5. Providing Support
  6. Creating Affordable Market Share Growth

Building Awareness

If nobody knows who you are, they can’t buy anything from you. Having an active social media presence will boost your visibility among potential customers, helping you reach a wide audience with minimal time and effort. Plus, more than 40% of consumers say that information found via social media affects the way they deal with their health, and 90% of respondents from 18-24 years of age said they would trust medical information shared on their social media networks. So how can a health and wellness brand tap into this market and develop their brand community?

First, determine what your brand wants to achieve and develop a social media strategy around it. Are you looking to build awareness? Generate sales? Showcase real-life results from real people? By keeping your strategy specific, you can determine which social media channels and tactics are the best fit for your business and brand community.

Establishing Brand Authority

Customers are increasingly savvier and more discerning about which businesses they trust – especially in the health and wellness category. Before making any sort of purchase, they’ll do a quick Google to check out your online presence – which often leads them straight to your social media pages. As a matter of fact, 84% of online shoppers in North America review at least one social media site before making a purchase from a brand.

Are they going to find an abandoned ghost town with images done up in Microsoft Paint? Or will they find a beautifully curated social media page? Setting up information-heavy profiles with frequent updates and helpful content will showcase your brand’s authority and ensures you make a positive first impression to those visiting the brand community, showing that your business is communicative, knowledgeable, and friendly.

Additionally, look for ways to demonstrate your expertise as a thought leader in the industry. Blog posts, Questions and Answers, and behind the scenes footage are a great way to show the unique things your business offers, and will establish a more personable and authentic tone to your brand.

Demonstrating Authenticity

Your customers don’t want to visit your page and see boring, corporate social media posts. You need to use your social media platform to let your brand’s personality shine through! Use behind-the-scenes videos and posts with a little personality to show your health and wellness company is more than just a stiff in a lab coat.

Practice getting your tone right, whether it’s relaxed and funny, or formal and friendly. Be true to who you are – not who you think you should be. Followers want to see authenticity. Give it to them.

Encouraging Engagement

The best way to build your fan base on social media is to start conversations and encourage engagement with them. Try doing a live Q&A from your Instagram account, or promote a contest encouraging your customers to post user-generated content. When your customers feel like they’re part of the brand, it gives them a sense of ownership and belonging, further strengthening your brand community. As a health and wellness brand, you should encourage users to post before-and-after pictures of their progress. There’s no better proof-of-effectiveness than real results.

Providing Support

Breaking down the barriers between companies and customers, social media has become an excellent platform for support. Instead of dialing an obscure 1-800 number, customers can simply message a brand directly. The best part is that Facebook keeps track of and displays responsiveness, ensuring brands try their best to respond to questions ASAP. Nowadays, 63% of customers expect companies to offer customer service via their social media channel, and 90% of social media users report having already used social media as a way of communicating with a brand.

Providing a quick and easy way to have their questions answered is important for health and wellness customers, as the answers you respond with can greatly affect their lives.

Creating Affordable Market Share Growth

As most businesses find out, marketing costs can quickly add up. However, you can get a lot of value for your dollar using social media advertising. Regardless of size or budget, your business will have the opportunity to grow it’s fanbase through ads on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

The best part of advertising on social media is that you can target exactly who – and where – you want to. This means no wasted budget on advertising that’s being seen by the wrong eyes. Just make sure your posts aren’t overly salesy, and don’t make claims that will have Health Canada breathing down your neck – or worse, having the entire social world crap all over you. Often, the latter can be much worse than the former, as 97% of buyers feel that user generated content like consumers reviews are more credible than other forms of content. Keep in mind that health and wellness “miracle” posts that seem too good to be true are seen as just that, and can push potential customers away from your brand community.

How We Do It At Blade

As we’ve mentioned before, motion pictures are the most important form of content you can publish on social media. A report by Hubspot states that 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. In fact, a Facebook executive predicted that by 2021 their platform will be all video.

At Blade, we know the most impactful video content focuses on an over-arching narrative that your brand lives by every day. For example, take a look at the Your Wellness Now video series we developed for health and wellness company Bell Lifestyles. The video series delivered consistently positive results across all metrics, which helped elevate brand awareness among a growing demographic of younger health supplement users who had been reluctant to embrace Bell Lifestyle prior to its brand update.

For our client Benzagel, we created the Real Besties, Real Stories featurette that focused less on the actual product, and more on emotion. The idea was that Benzagel is always there when you need it – just like your best friend is. Since releasing the video on social media, sales and retail listings of Benzagel have continued to grow dramatically year over year. In fact, AC Nielson data shows it is the sole Canadian growth leader in its category!

Social media is one of the most important marketing investments you can make in growing your health and wellness brand. And although the social media environment is populated with abundant trash, overwhelming amounts of sponsored posts and just a general taint of crap, creating good content, targeting your posts and backing it all up with products that actually help people will improve your ROI and set apart from the snake oil salesmen and hucksters by staying true to your brand community.


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