Hootsuite Rebrands, Gets Serious!

To reflect the changes in the world of social media from a personal pastime to a very real business tool, Hootsuite is rebranding to a more serious look and feel.

In statement about the rebranding effort, VP of Marketing, Dee Anna McPherson explained, “HootSuite serves a very broad market, everything from individual power users to the largest Fortune 1000 companies. We started serving small and medium sized business to large enterprise organisations who are now more than 50 per cent of our revenue. So we felt we needed to refresh the brand to appeal to the needs of these broad users,”

It doesn’t appear that there will be any functionality changes paired with the rebrand, but Hootsuite has long been known for adding new features to improve the customer experience and value. I expect that same philosophy to continue moving forward.

To get some professional opinions on the new logo switch, I asked Brian, Chris, and Keith from the Blade design team to have a look and answer this question, does the new black and white Hootsuite logo convey a more serious and business like tone to you than the original colour version?

Brian: It certainly simplifies it down to the core concept, and removes some unnecessary elements that caused the old logo to look a bit too cartoony. I would say that, yes, it does convey a more serious tone. Also, it no longer looks like Night Owl from Watchmen.

Chris: The new Hootsuite logo takes an extraordinarily smart a approach in the right direction. Simplification is key when it comes to logo design, this is an excellent evolution. Slick.

Keith: Like the latest Twitter bird icon, the new Hootsuite logo is graphically cleaner and geometrically more precise than its predecessor. With bolder shapes and higher contrast, it is a stronger graphic that is not only more easily recognizable, but also one which will translate better across all devices, regardless of screen size. I suspect that many will at first see the sleeker, colourless design as cold and unfriendly, but I think that if the company’s rebranding is done completely and correctly, people will soon warm to the new logo and before long, the old one—great as it is—will seem sloppy and old-fashioned. Hootsuite’s decision to update “Owly” to better reflect the company as it stands today is a smart one. With its refined shape and stark palette, the new Hootsuite logo is successful in confidently conveying a more serious and businesslike tone for the company, as well as giving the brand increased flexibility and longevity.

There you have it, 3 professional opinions that can all agree that Hootsuite didn’t mess this up.

Yesterday this teaser video was uploaded to Hootsuite’s YouTube page. Have a look and let us know what you think about the new Hootsuite look.

Hootsuite, it’s time to rebrand

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