Household (Brand) Names

In the world of products and services there are some brands who have hit the ultimate height when it comes to their brand name. They have become household names. And while there are many possible reasons why this could happen (catchy name, great marketing, first to market, etc.) it is rare.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most famous brands that have become household names and immediately thought of whenever their industry is mentioned. If you have any brands that we should add to the list for a 2nd post let us know. There are more than just these 11 out there!

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1. Band Aid
Product name: Adhesive Bandages
If you’ve ever cut your finger or scraped your knee and needed some sort of minor first aid, you’ve asked for a band aid. Even if the box you grab from the shelf isn’t made by Johnson & Johnson, everyone will call it a Band Aid.

2. Bubble Wrap
Product name: Air Cellular Cushioning Material
Be honest, did you know that the real name for bubble wrap was air cellular cushioning material? I did not. No matter the brand of ACCM that happens to be in the package you just received, you call it bubble wrap!

3. ChapStick
Product name: Lip Moisturizer/ Lip Balm
Not everyone uses ChapStick brand lip moisturizer, there are other big names in the industry like Blistex, Carmex, Burt’s Bees and Lip Smacker. But whenever I need to moisten my chapped lips, I look for ChapStick.

4. Frisbee
Product name: Flying Disc
Frisbee is a registered trademark of the Wham-O toy company since 1957. In the 56 years since, Frisbee has become the generalized name for all flying discs. Even the cheap, flimsy discs that you can pick up for a buck at the Dollar Store.

5. Jell-O
Product name: Gelatin Dessert
There’s always room for Jell-O! In 2008, there were more than 158 products sold under the Jell-O brand name with 300 million boxes of Jell-O gelatin sold in the United States each year. And while the brand is bigger than just the jiggly dessert, when you hear the name there’s a fast visual that comes to mind. And while there are many no name options available, it will always be Jell-O to me!

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6. Kleenex
Product name: Facial Tissues
Cold and Flu season is coming, and that means that in homes, schools and offices everywhere people will be sniffling and sneezing. And when they do they won’t be asking for a tissue, they’ll be asking for a Kleenex, no matter what brand is in the box.

7. Ping Pong
Product name: Table Tennis
Did You Know: Table Tennis and Ping Pong aren’t just interchangeable terms for the game enjoyed by millions all over the world. Since 1901, Ping Pong is actually the largest producer of table tennis equipment in the world.

8. Q-Tips
Product name: Cotton Swabs
Doctors say not to stick them in your ears, but whether you listen to the MDs or not, when you need a cotton swab on a stick, you’re reaching for the Q-Tips.

9. Rollerblade
Product name: Inline Skates
While the popularity of inline skating may be dropping from the levels that it enjoyed in the 90’s and early part of the 2000’s, there is no doubt that RollerBlade is still the biggest name in the business. I’d be willing to bet that if you opened your friend’s closet and saw a pair of inline skates you would call them RollerBlades even if the Bauer name was etched right on the boot.

10. Xerox
Product name: Photocopies
Yes, Xerox is a little outdated when it comes to the traditional photocopying business. However, think back to the dawn of the office copy machine and the lingo that was used from cubicle to cubicle. When you needed 17 copies of a report or memo you asked your assistant to Xerox it.

11. Zamboni
Product name: Ice Resurfacing Machine
Perhaps the most Canadian of all of the brands in this post. Frank Zamboni’s creation and company that bare his name are the most famous of ice resurfacing machines in the world.

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