I’m Busy, Have to Wash My Hair: Vintage Shampoo Ads from the Past


Often when we’re putting together the posts in the Vintage Ads Series we look at specialty products, but today we’re getting back to basics with shampoo, a day-to-day need for many of us.

So, cancel your Friday night plans, get your towel ready, and enjoy these 10 vintage ads from the world of shampoo in the 36th edition of the Vintage Ads Series. And leave a comment telling us which ad is your favourite.

And in case you’ve missed any of the previous entries, have a look back and see what we’ve featured so far.

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Vintage Ads Series Shampoo BreckBreck

Breck features three shampoos and a singer/model in this ad, and it works. The yellow/golden hues come together with a pop on her lips to go well with her fantastic head of hair.

Vintage Ads Series Shampoo DimensionDimension

Look at that hair! The Dimension shampoo must be getting the job done. We don’t know how much work has been done between the shower and the photo shoot, but it sure looks good.

Vintage Ads Series Shampoo Farrah Fawcett FabergeFarrah Fawcett (Faberge)

Farrah Fawcett’s hair is legendary, but until now I had no idea that she had her own shampoo with Faberge. This ad also gets a bonus point for the “Something beautiful happens to your hair.” line.
Vintage Ads Series Shampoo Gee Your Hair Smells TerrificGee, Your Hair Smells Terrific

1) The name of this product is fantastic, in a bad kind of way. 2) Hair smelling is usually a rather creepy thing, but here it seems like it’s not. 3) The feathery 1974 hair on both the man and woman in this ad do exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Vintage Ads Series Shampoo Head and ShouldersHead & Shoulders

Head & Shoulder has been a top shampoo brand for decades, we all know the name. But what is really intriguing about this ad is the look on the model’s face. Is she happy? Is she bored? Is she just trying to finish the shoot and get her paycheque?

Vintage Ads Series Shampoo Johnson and Johnson BabyJohnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo

I had to get a baby shampoo ad on this list, and this one from Johnson & Johnson was a no-brainer. Compare the look on this baby’s face to the Head & Shoulders woman and you’ll see what happy looks like!

Vintage Ads Series Shampoo Lanolinlanolin

I had never seen a head on a spring bursting forth from a shampoo bottle, until I saw this. And now you’ve all seen it too. It’s creative. They get points for that.

Vintage Ads Series Shampoo Lustre-CremeLuster-Creme

Lather, Rinse, Repeat. We’ve all been taught this formula. But here’s Lustre-Creme breaking through with a “lather once” option that changes everything. However, it didn’t change the world, because it’s 2107 and it’s still lather, rinse, repeat.

Vintage Ads Series Shampoo Mulsified Coconut OilMulsified Cocoanut Oil

We think of advertorials as an option for brands in the current print media and online climate – but look at this ad for Mulsified Cocoanut Oil Shampoo, a ton of copy and a story to sell the product. Ahead of their time.

Vintage Ads Series Shampoo PrellPrell

Last, because we do things alphabetically, Prell presents the only ad with a man’s hair being featured. The before and after concept is represented as well. A well rounded ad that reminds men that shampoo can be for them too.

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