In Social Media Flexibility is Everything

This is part two of a two part debate on Organization vs. Flexibility in Social Media. Part one, In Social Media Organization is Everything is available here.

Just when you thought you had your brand community all figured out, they surprise you with something new. Being able to respond to changes involves flexibility. Why is flexibility so great?

1. Stay Topical.

It is important for you to show your community that you are a leader. Leaders know what is happening in the industry. Commenting on the most current news requires a flexible social media approach.

2. Flexibility feels real to your community.

Sending out a tweet about a sunny day or last nights big game is the kind of thing you can’t schedule a tweet for. Your genuine response to the world lets your community know that your tweets are coming from an authentic voice.

3. Surprises happen!

Your community finds out about a launch early, a customer has a problem, a celebrity is photographed with your product. Good or bad surprises, you have to be ready to respond when they happen.

4. Platforms change.

So you have a bunch of perfectly sized images to go up on Facebook, except Facebook is doing yet another change of it’s timeline and now your images all need to be re-sized. Social Media platforms change often and sometimes with little notice. What was easy to do today, might be entirely removed from the platform tomorrow. Flexibility allows you to be ready for those changes.

5. Don’t be that brand.

Scheduled tweets that seem hilarious in the moment might not be so great if they are going out in a time of tragedy. Terrorism, hurricanes, and shootings, are not tools to promote your brand. Just because you’ve scheduled them doesn’t mean you forget them.

6. Flexibility makes sharing easy.

You had planned to tweet about your clients new product today, but you got to work this morning realizing they had already done that. Being flexible about messages allows social media to be easily shared between teams.

Do you think the flexible approach is the best way to engage in social media?

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Melissa Turner

Melissa graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. Melissa was introduced to social media through her experience with online analytics. Her experience as an analytics specialist allows her to bring important data driven analysis to social projects. Her areas of interest include social media's application to the social services, the use and abuse of statistics, as well as mathematical applications to artistic pieces.

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