Increase your Social Media Engagement

No businessperson invests their money without expecting a return on that investment. Though a lot of businesses catch a lot of heat during tough economic times like these, the simple fact is that businesses are not charities. If they’re not able to earn money, they fail. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that.

To cut costs, a lot of businesses flock to sites like Facebook with the aspirations of tapping into the extremely large audience. This type of social media for business can bring great results, but you have to know how to maximize your ROI if you want to experience these results.

1: Always Provide Value

If there’s no value in what you’re offering for someone else, then there’s no reason for a person to give you a second look, much less to opt into your network or to become your customer. It’s all about the value you’re willing to provide for people. Don’t be afraid of throwing in some incentives to get people interested.

2: Try a Few Promotions

Speaking of incentives, no Facebook business page is complete without a promotional app. The sky is really the limit here when it comes to the many different contests and prize drawings you can offer. Holding a promotion and offering exclusive discounts or other items can equate to more conversions.

3: Ask for Engagement

Engagement is what you’re ultimately after when you’re dealing with a site like Facebook, so it only stands to reason that you should ask for it. Now, that doesn’t mean to come out and plead “Will you please engage with me?” But asking people to leave feedback, reviews, opinions, etc, are great ways to keep people engaged with your brand.

4: Figure Out Your Timing

There have been a few studies done on when people post on Facebook the most, pertaining to the actual day and the time of day. However, you don’t need to focus on these too much. You need to figure out your specific audience and at what times they’re the most active. This is when you want to start providing material for people – when they’re actually around.


5: Split-Test Campaigns

If you don’t have a third-party app to help you manage ads more efficiently, then it may be a good idea to get one. Any way you slice it, an ad campaign that’s been split up and tested is far more likely to achieve success than one that hasn’t. Plus there’s the fact that, with third-party software, the power is in your hands to select the ad you feel will do the best, rather than having Facebook select it.

6: Hone in Your Targeting

Use the different means available to you via Facebook to target people more specifically. New features coming down the pike like Graph Search will help you glean some great information as to what your niche really likes. This can help you to create material that’s extremely specific to a need.


7: Be a Friend to Others

Social networking requires you to be social. Engaging with others, one of the best blogging tips ever, can also be used on a site like Facebook to get people to engage with you. A little attention shown to an interested fan might be the nudge needed to get them into the funnel.

8: Use Other Networks

Don’t go at your social marketing using Facebook alone. Facebook offers you plenty of features which allow you to interlink your network. You can join Twitter, YouTube and a slew of other sites and tie everything in together for more traffic.

9: Promote Your Good Posts

You don’t have to spend money blindly on Facebook; you can see what’s working well before you decide to invest. For example, if you have a post that’s still fresh but is also gaining traction, you can choose to promote this post and can subsequently choose your targeting options to ensure that the post is reaching those whom you desire it to reach. Money better spent gives you a better chance to increase your ROI.

Author’s bio:

Eric Taylor is a social media enthusiast and a freelance writer for a Facebook ad  campaign tool – Qwaya. The company provides extensive information, tools and up-to-date news about social media marketing strategies latest trends.