Investment in Video Pays Off for Dollar Shave Club

At Blade we’re big believers in the power of video content. We see it as the present and the future of online branding messages as ads, telling corporate stories, and building brand communities. And there may be no better example than Dollar Shave Club.

On March 6, 2012 Dollar Shave Club released their first video on YouTube. It became a viral sensation, and as of today it has 23,000,000+ views.

That video introduced the new brand to the world and in the first 30 minutes after launch tens of thousands of orders came in, kick starting the brand community build, crashing the servers, and proving exactly how powerful video content can be.

In the four years since that video, Dollar Shave Club continued their brand community, membership, and revenue growth. According to Euromonitor, the brand held a 5% US market share in 2015 with 3.2 million customers. And with $200 million revenue forecast for 2016, things are still on the upswing for the men’s beauty brand.

And then, after four years of videos and social media campaigns, and referrals and brand ambassadors, Unilever came calling with a $1 billion offer to buy the brand.

Some brand community members have already voiced their disapproval of the sale in comments on the brand’s Facebook page (which is expected), but the fact of the matter is that Dollar Shave Club used video content to tell their brand’s story, build their brand community, launch sales, increase market share, and become a success story known for more than just the number of hits on their YouTube channel.

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Not every brand needs to be as comical, brash, or risk taking in their approach to video, but even without those qualities, Dollar Shave Club shines as an example of a brand that embraced video, used it to its maximum potential, and succeed both as a business, and in cashing one hell of a cheque at the end of the day!


Joshua Murray

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