Is An Unhealthy Digital Strategy Leaving Your Brand Bedridden?

The digital consumer is increasingly reliant on the internet as their primary source of information, particularly when it comes to researching their own health and wellness. This is especially true of millennials who are tired and skeptical of traditional advertising methods. For health and wellness companies and marketers alike who are eager to reach this fluid and fickle audience, this skepticism presents new challenges and opportunities.  And given the global health and wellness industry is now worth the better part of $4.2 trillion (according to the Global Wellness Institute), overcoming those challenges and capitalizing on the opportunities will require some new thinking.

Developing, deploying and optimizing a healthy and holistic digital marketing strategy is essential if you want to compete in an industry that has seen more growth than nearly any other industry in North America.

Content Marketing Connects with Customers

A marketing strategy without content marketing isn’t a strategy at all. Content connects you with customers, allowing you to build trust and credibility. And the #1 priority for content marketing is to provide value. If the content you provide doesn’t give consumers actionable insights, you’re wasting their time and your money. Some examples of content you can provide includes infographics, blogs, podcasts, videos, white papers, apps, and anything else you present to the world that provides value. Blog articles rich with SEO keywords and hyperlinks cannot be understated, as they’re vital to get you to the top of your customers’ search engine results.

Search Marketing Puts You in the Right Place at the Right Time

In North America alone, 80% of internet users rely on search engines to give them medical advice. A recent study shows that looking for health or medical information is one of the most popular search activities online behind only email and product research.

When building your search marketing strategy, consistently evaluate and optimize the keywords your customers use to find your products or services. And while it may sound counter-productive, narrowing down your audience reach by using negative keywords is a smart tactic that will prevent you from wasting your spend on low-quality leads.

Targeted Digital Campaigns Reach the Right Audience

Potential customers can be targeted by identifiers like, age, income, and even job title, making prospect search easy. Plus, unlike more traditional mediums, digital campaigns allow you to target audiences that are specific to your products, while allowing you to track and optimize your customer’s experience or journey.

Aside from their personal attributes, consumers can be targeted by their actions, like visiting your website’s blog, or researching an ailment related to one of your products. Through both remarketing and retargeting campaigns, you can increase your average click through rate by over 10% higher compared to a basic display ad campaign. And 10% can mean hundreds or even 1,000s of additional, even ‘motivated’  click-throughs.

Social Media Grows Your Brand Community

Articles, infographics, quizzes, health tips, and product information must be channelled through your social media platforms to ensure you get your content where the most appropriate people can see it. Focus on building trust and providing entertainment to both Millennials and Generation-Z, who make purchases decisions influenced by social media.

Using holistic social media campaigns, you can build credibility and trust while at the same time growing your brand community. Rather than simply sharing information with your followers, ask them questions, start discussions, and encourage them to share their opinions. The more active and welcoming your page is, the more people will feel comfortable returning. Plus, if a potential customer sees that you’ve helped people with similar problems, they’ll have more confidence in the products or services you offer. So share client testimonials, quotes and success stories – with their approval – on your channels, as often as possible.

How We Do It At Blade

Long-established Bell Lifestyle Products was facing a cooling market, more sophisticated competitors and an aging buyer base. Despite large budgets for traditional print media, the brand was underperforming. A generational shift in this family business was bringing new energy and a desire for a comprehensive brand re-fresh.

Through the development of a new blog, increased social media activity, and even a web series featuring actress Sitara Hewitt, we built a holistic strategy to drive traffic and conversions. This strategy culminated in The Bell Wellness Centre blog which saw over 87,000 users in its first year online. By enlisting experts in the natural health and wellness category to write articles and shoot vlogs on a variety of health topics, we gradually developed a library of over 300 articles on physical, mental, social, and nutritional topics.

Blade’s digital and content marketing approach delivered consistently positive results across all metrics. This helped elevate brand awareness among a growing demographic of younger health supplement users who had been reluctant to embrace Bell Lifestyle prior to its brand update.

Increase Your Brand’s Wellness and Grow!

Shifting your mindset to being proactive and taking your retail experience and product offering beyond the bricks and mortar model is essential. That online environment is where your existing customers are looking for help – and where you can connect with them at a time and place of their choosing. It’s also where new customers are more likely to find you when their existing supplier, who may offer similar products, fails to offer the value-added content you’re posting regularly. Content is not only King and Queen – it builds brand loyalty and that builds your business. If you’re still feeling unsure, take one of these and call us in the morning.


Connor McKay

Connor’s background in anthropology, copywriting, and account management provides him with a rare combination of skills, and perfectly equips him for his work as Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist. His deep understanding of your brand community is critical to creating engaging content that drives business growth.

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