Lightning in a Bottle: The Perfect Combination for Blogging Success

On October 20th, we published a blog post about Apple’s change of the iTunes icon from blue to red with the new 12.01 update. The post was written on the day the news became public in response to coverage, found through a Google search, on several tech websites.

The Blade post was written to be short and sweet, with an effort to point out the the fact that this was a drastic change (in some people’s eyes) and included a hypothesis as to why Apple may have made it.

As a call to action and engagement, readers were asked in a poll at the bottom of the post if they liked the new iTunes icon:

Do You Think The Red iTunes Icon Is An Improvement?

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In three weeks since the post was published there have been nearly 750 votes in the poll, plus more than a dozen comments from readers.

The success of the iTunes icon post was the result of:
1. The passion that Apple users have for the products.
2. The timeliness of the post.
3. The searchability of the post.
4. The length and simplicity of the post… and
5. Blade’s commitment to relevant content!

By reacting to the news item in quick order we were able to take advantage of impassioned iTunes users who wanted to voice their opinion on the matter. The inclusion of images, tags, and proper meta titles also helped the post to search well on Google which has boosted traffic and given more options for engagement from new visitors to the Blade Blog.

Lastly, the simplicity of the post, the choice not to flood the page with thick blocks of text, made it quick and easy to digest by readers. It kept them engaged from start to finish and into the poll.

In future the Blade Blog will continue to pay attention to what is happening in the world and in the news online as we endeavour to produce more content that is relevant to our brand community and new readers.


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