Mayan Schamayan – Let’s Do Some Branding!

Well, the year to end all years (apparently) is well underway. At Blade, we’re preparing for the end of the Earth by focusing our efforts on making our clients’ brands even more relevant and memorable, just in case the Mayans got it wrong.

Call us wide-eyed optimists, but it’s either that or go and hide under the sofas in our reception area. And we only have two of those, so the whole bunch of us won’t fit. And that’s not fair. As for the Mayans, as much as some might revere their prognostications from thousands of years ago, some folks are less than supportive:

Whatever your take is on December 21, consider this advice: Make 2012 the year you stare certain (or mythological) annihilation in the face and say “Thanks for the heads-up. Now, get out of the way? I have work to do!”


Wayne S. Roberts

The Globe and Mail calls Wayne S. Roberts "an ad industry provocateur." Maybe its because he's never seen the point of playing by the ad game rules that place awards above results, while offering spec work instead of real value to win accounts. Throughout his career, Wayne has maintained a defiantly independent streak characterized by his insistence that agencies must be honest, direct and passionately invested in their clients' success. His pioneering work in espousing the brand community perspective has been a touchstone of his belief that branding is more than just logos, websites and ad campaigns; it is the fundamental way human beings connect with each other to create communities and launch movements that have changed our world.

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