McDonald’s Canada Video Campaign Enlists and Celebrates their Brand Community

McDonald's Canada LogoIt’s always gratifying to see a big name brand doing something on such a human scale in the way of embracing and celebrating their brand community. The sad part is waiting until your brand, your sales and your groove are starting to bottom out before you realize the power of reaching out to mobilize your brand community’s core members.

Whether internally and externally, recognizing the importance of your brand’s connection to its community is vital – and not just so you can generate compelling content that people like to watch and share. It should be an ongoing business practice in this age of online brand ecosystems. And it works to build greater loyalty without resorting to endless bribes, price discounts and deals.

At Blade, we’ve been talking about and building brand communities since 1991. 24 years on, the world seems to be catching up.


Wayne S. Roberts

The Globe and Mail calls Wayne S. Roberts "an ad industry provocateur." Maybe its because he's never seen the point of playing by the ad game rules that place awards above results, while offering spec work instead of real value to win accounts. Throughout his career, Wayne has maintained a defiantly independent streak characterized by his insistence that agencies must be honest, direct and passionately invested in their clients' success. His pioneering work in espousing the brand community perspective has been a touchstone of his belief that branding is more than just logos, websites and ad campaigns; it is the fundamental way human beings connect with each other to create communities and launch movements that have changed our world.

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