McDonald’s Leaves Logo at Home in New Ad Campaign

Some brands are so big they don’t even need to show you their name or logo for you to identify them. McDonald’s has proven to be one of these brands with their new ad campaign in France.

The print ads are coming next week and the first video ad is already here showing off the flat iconography of their “Big 6” menu items: Big Mac, fries, cheeseburger, sundae, McNuggets, and Filet-o-Fish.

Whether it’s the point of the ad or not, the #1 thing that I took away is that McDonald’s is so recognizable that they can change all the rules. They don’t need to find a way to get their logo or name in every frame of the video. They don’t even need to get it on the poster. Just the image of an animated Big Mac, red french fry box or soft serve ice cream sundae is enough to evoke the brand.

McDonalds France Cheeseburger Billboard

Every list on the internet that talks about the most recognized logos and brands in the world includes McDonald’s. And we should be surprised by that. With restaurants in 119 countries the golden arches and Ronald McDonald are famous around the world. In fact, I’m not sure there’s anyone I know that wouldn’t be able to recognize that this is a McDonald’s ad even if they didn’t notice the tiny arches in the bottom corner of the icon posters.

We could debate whether this is a good ad or not, and people are doing just that in the comments on YouTube: “So anti capitalist youths run around the streets of paris at night vandalizing standard advertising mediums with iconography of one of the most capitalistic brands on earth? And then they eat McDonald’s while wearing t-shirts that links them to the newly committed crime.” 

But the question here isn’t about the quality of the idea or execution, it’s whether or not the campaign works, and for my money, it does.

McDonald’s has once again proven that they are one of the biggest, most popular, unstoppable and well established brands in the world. So much so that they can leave their name, logo, mascot and taglines at home and still sell you a Big Mac combo.

McDonalds France Big Mac Posters
McDonalds France Ice Cream Posters


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