McDonald’s Listens to Community, Announces All Day Breakfast

After years of begging, McDonald’s customers will finally be able to order breakfast menu items all day at their local restaurant.

The move is the brand’s first major strategic move since the McCafe products were first introduced in 2009, and also shows that the chain is listening to their community in this attempt to turn around slumping sales numbers.

McDonalds Breakfast Sausage Egg McMuffinAfter a test run with select US locations, the All Day Breakfast movement has been made official through a vote by franchisees and affirmed by a franchisee leadership council. The move isn’t without risk as franchisees will need to update kitchen equipment (estimated $500 to $5,000 US) to prepare breakfast and lunch/dinner menu items at the same time, but the optics and opportunity should far outweigh the initial financial investment.

Fast food vendors are notorious for cycling through promotional items that their brand communities love, whether it’s the McRib or the Shamrock Shake, but the breakfast menu is a 365 day a year option that still felt out of reach for a major share of customers who love the taste of an Egg McMuffin but couldn’t make a McDonald’s pit stop before 10:30am on a week day morning.

This is a move that will result in major love from McDonald’s dedicated brand community on October 6, 2015 when the All Day Breakfast option officially becomes available in more than 14,300 U.S. restaurants. And while a corresponding move to simplify the existing lunch/dinner menu, the trade off won’t bring nearly enough complaints to cancel out the positives.

McDonalds Breakfast BurritoAs long as the Big Mac, McNuggets, and Quarter Pounders are still available the brand community will be happier to add 6pm Sausage and Egg Burritos to their life than they will be sad to lose some lesser burger choice.

So far McDonald’s Canada has said that they don’t have plans to implement the All Day Breakfast option at restaurants north of the border. But if there is success in the US market, be ready to welcome the McGriddle to your lunch options at some point in the not too distant future.

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