M&M Rebrands to Avoid Freezing!

After 35+ years as Canada’s frozen meat retailer, M&M is rebranding to show Canadians that they have more to offer than chicken fingers and hamburger patties.

MM Food Market New Logo 2016 RebrandThe move from M&M Meat Shops to M&M Food Market, plus the addition of more than 100 new products (including sushi and fish tacos) is the brand’s attempt to stay relevant with consumers and increase their market share in the overall food market.

At a time when Canadian retailers seem to be dropping every month, this rebrand looks to strengthen a brand before it gets into the kind of trouble Target, Blacks, and Danier Leather found themselves in when they pulled the plug.

M&M has always been a brand associated with quality and convenience, which is a pro – but they have also been seen as a “Meat Shop” which is a con when you consider that shoppers are looking for complete meal solutions, not just their protein. By adding new products, and properly promoting and supporting offerings like frozen fruits, vegetables, and side dishes, the brand is positioning themselves as a one-stop-shop for dinner solutions, rather than one stop, before shoppers continue to the grocery store to finish stocking their freezers and shelves.

MM Food Market Order Online 2016MMfoodmarket.com has also been updated recently, as a move to entice consumers to order online and pickup their products at a local brick and mortar location. It’s an imperfect system (lack of delivery), but one that sees average sales per order jump from approximately $30 to an average of $65. That service, and any upgrades that are added to it, will continue to play into the hands of Canadian consumers who are spending more and more money online every year.

Rebranding isn’t always the answer, sometimes problems need fundamentally more work, but a new name, an expanded product line, and plans to open new stores to serve more Canadians in the next 3 years may position M&M Food Market regain the market traction they once had, and grow into the future.

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