Molson Brings Their Canadian Brand to Wherever You Are

When you believe in building and engaging your brand community, no expense, no extravagance, and no effort is too much. Take Molson’s latest effort to seek out a far-flung Canadian soul in the tropical forests of the Philippines.

They created a short film about finding one such brand community member and enlisting his friends to bring a taste of Canada right to where he was. The result was a killer, long-format ad that clearly supported Molson Canadian’s brand narrative: This is the Canada’s beer brand. This effort makes the case that reaching out to your brand community is never frivolous. And it always works to create greater enlistment and engagement from the community and the influencers that surround it – like curious media types looking for a great story.

On a less global scale, when Blade branded and then launched the Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm in Norfolk County this year, our approach was all about enlisting the local community. And the Ramblin Road brand narrative was clearly about how this brand was the champion of Norfolk County – Ontario’s Garden.

We did not have Molson’s budget, but we shared the same vision – make the brand the champion for Norfolk, everywhere in Norfolk. From the County Fare to local licensees, from fire halls to cultural centres, Ramblin’ Road beer was presented as the champion of all that is great about Norfolk – fresh, natural and local.

Building your brand doesn’t have to be extravagant or require film crews and trips to the Philippines. But getting it right always involves making the promise that wherever your customers are, they can stay connected to your brand.

From The Globe and Mail:
Molson takes online beer fridge ads to hockey airwaves – and points beyond

Molson Canadian Project Indonesia

Molson Canadian Project Indonesia

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