On The Road Again: Ramblin’ Road Puts New Trailer on the Highway

Keep your eyes open on the highway this summer for Blade’s latest design work for John Picard and the Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm!

The decision to put a new 35 foot trailer on the road is an exciting one for Ramblin’ Road, and the opportunity for Blade to design and produce the artwork for the trailer was exciting for us.

“From naming to logo, from packaging to website and brand motion picture… and more, Blade has been privileged to help create this delicious and growing brand. Hell, we’ve even been honoured to sample Ramblin’ Road brews during their maturation and share our comments with John!

These new truck graphics are the latest example of work that, as John says, pops. Featuring all 6 of John’s extraordinary beers, this new rolling billboard has arrived just in time for summer beer drinking season. Man, I get thirsty just looking at it!” – Wayne S. Roberts, Blade President and Chief Creative Officer

And while it is always fulfilling to do great design work for brands, it is true that seeing a billboard sized piece of creative rolling down the highways of Southwestern Ontario is an especially rewarding idea.

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