Paradigm Condos Goes Live on CHCH TV

Blade is proud of the work we have created for the Molinaro Group’s Paradigm Condominiums.

On May 21st we took another new step with the brand when CHCH Morning Live featured Paradigm live from the presentation centre.

Watch the video compilation of the 6 CHCH Morning Live segments now.

Blade is also excited to announce that Paradigm was the recipient of the Best Newspaper Ad and Best Newspaper/Magazine/Feature Ad awards at the Hamilton-Halton Home Builders Association Awards banquet earlier in May.

Check out the award winning ads in this gif.


And we’re not slowing down!

We’ve recently created and launched a new print and TV campaign for Paradigm .

Click here to watch the TV spot, and check out 1 of the ads in the new “Faces” campaign at the bottom of this post.

We have more ideas in the works with the Molinaro Group, including a new blog on the official Paradigm Condominiums website (click here to check out the Paradigm blog).

It’s great to work with a visionary and gutsy client like Molinaro. What a team!

Paradigm Condominiums Faces Campaign 2015


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