PFU Canada: Document Scanning Kingpins

New Product Innovation Leads The Way for Fujitsu in 2021

Back in June 2020, we shared a success story from our client, PFU Canada, (a Fujitsu company). The article highlighted their dominance in the tech industry and the success that derived from our collaborative client-agency partnership.

It is clear that in every client-agency relationship, collaboration is THE heartbeat of success. Ours with Steve Oblin, Sr. Marketing Manager at PFU Canada, has yielded success time and time again. As we continue to evolve together throughout the pandemic – one thing is clear: Technology has never been more essential than it is right now. From our career aspirations, to our home and services, to our communication with friends and family – technology is THE single driving force in everything we do.

As we venture into a new world of increased emphasis and utilization of technology, PFU Canada continues to lead the way. Here are 3 ways they have continued their success with us in 2021:

1. Brand Name Division Change

In 2020, Fujitsu created a new division – PFU Canada Inc. (PCI), which will focus on the Canadian line of document scanners. The goal is to increase its emphasis on the core brand promises:

To harness the power of IT for its customers’ business, to build innovative practices and solutions and to do all it takes to protect the environment with its wide assortment of “green certified products”. This is achieved by selling scanners and scanner maintenance through Canadian based distribution partners.

PFU Canada will focus on product and service innovation, fulfilling the immediate and future needs of their customers.

2. Adapting to the New, Virtual World

Short term issues need to be challenged with long-term solutions. What was once thought of as a short-term health issue became a long-term, global health crisis. As the pandemic shook our foundations with global lockdowns in Q2 of 2020, virtual trade shows began taking centre stage.

The challenge? Promote the PFU corporate brand image through its reputation among other tech giants in virtual trade show settings.

The strategy? Combine PFU’s reputation with their innovation to deliver a fulsome, corporate brand video experience, showcasing their excellence in the tech space.

Below is the corporate brand video we developed in our collaborative brainstorming sessions with Steve Oblin, Sr. Marketing Manager at PFU Canada.



He explains how the corporate video initiative has benefited the PFU brand in a

 At virtual trade shows, you aren’t always able to interact with every visitor at your booth. The presence of an on-demand corporate video allows visitors to understand corporate direction and initiatives even if they visit the booth after hours.

3. Updated Brand, New Product Releases, Enhanced Creative Deployment

On January 19th, 2021, PFU announced two new products: The iX1600 and iX1400 document scanners. As summarized by PFU’s Senior Vice President & Head of Imaging Business Group, Yasunori Miyauchi:

“With the rapid changes in work styles due to the effects of the COVID-19, one of the obstacles to remote working is paper. In a survey conducted by PFU Limited 2.95% of users answered that the productivity of working from home increased by digitizing paper. The ScanSnap Series links with various applications seamlessly and supports a borderless work style, promoting efficient information utilization and sharing.”

He continues…

ScanSnap iX1600, evolved flagship model of ScanSnap Series, enables scanning at higher speeds of 40 ppm/80 ipm (A4-size documents, colour, 300dpi), 33% faster than its predecessor, iX1500. ScanSnap-dedicated software, ScanSnap Home has undergone some exciting improvements with better functionality, usability, and stress-free operation with faster start-up times and Searchable PDF generation. ScanSnap iX1400 is a one-button USB connection model with simple operation. Retaining the basics of the iX1600, the iX1400 is an economic model ideal for scanning to the computer.”

Blade’s Media Deployment Strategy

With new products came new creative and ultimately, new targeting deployment strategies from Blade’s team of digital data scientists. From healthcare, to legal, to education – the iX1600 and iX1400 will bring an even higher degree of workflow efficiency across various industries. With the pandemic continuing to change the way we live and work, the healthcare industry in particular has also seen a rise in the need of document scanning, that is both efficient and reliable. PFU has answered their needs with their new and current product line, delivering the very best products through our proven targeting strategies – when and where it counts.

Our Sr. Advertising Strategist & Media Planner, Girish Giovanni explains:

“It is imperative that we target our audience at the right place, at the right time, with the right messaging to get the best return on investment. In order to do this, we began our strategy with data mining and analysis, including raking webpages and creating segments of our audience with regard to their path to purchase, or as we like to call it, “The Funnel Strategy.” We then designed our media strategy, channel strategy and creatives around this very same funnel strategy to drive our audience methodologically – from awareness,
to consideration and right down to conversions at the right touchpoints.”

We are proud to work in collaboration with our reputable publication partners. Our strong working relationships with key publications such as StarMetro, WhatsYourTech, LinkedIn, Google and Canadian Accountant have continued to increase PFU’s ROI in every campaign.

PFU’s Document Scanning Dominance Continues in 2021 & Beyond

Blade is proud to continue our collaborative partnership with PFU in 2021 and beyond. While the pandemic has challenged many tech giants to enhance their products and services, PFU remains in a class of its own – doing so with remarkable efficiency.

Check out the Press Releases for the iX1600 and iX1400 for more information on how their latest innovations can help your business succeed.


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