Pinterest Announces New “Buy It” Button

Written with Danielle White

Pinerest Buy It Button 2015If you haven’t already heard, Pinterest will soon be introducing a “Buy It” button on their website. Brands and Pinners alike are rejoicing at the news!

The new Buy It button means that all of the popular hair accessories, beauty items, gorgeous shoes, home décor and custom jewellery can be yours in an instant.

“Buy It” will initially be available on iPad and iPhone in the US and uses credit card or Apple Pay. Android and other devices are scheduled to be added in the near future.

A Deeper Look at Pinterest

Pinterest Logo 2015Pinterest is a user-generated social viral phenomenon. It’s a personalized media platform that allows users to upload, save, sort, share, and manage images – known as pins in collections known as boards.

Essentially, it’s an online scrapbook; a collection of images that allow for insight into users’ current and future interests and plans.

According to Mashable, Pinterest is to hit 50 million active users in the US in 2016.

Pinterest users are 85% women who tend to be the self-driven, intrinsically motivated, creative, do-it-yourselfer types. A segment that puts time and energy into defining their unique personas and lifestyles to create various ‘aspirational dream boards.’

These consumers visit Pinterest early in their buying decision process, when they have a vague want or need to be fulfilled. A consumers’ prospective mindset to purchase is an extremely opportunistic time for branding communication to happen.

Pinterest’s promise on their website states that it is “… a place to discover ideas for all your projects and interests, hand-picked by people like you.”. Pinterest promises to fulfill your dreams by providing you with visual, tangible solutions and/or ideas.

Brands need to speak to the mindset of their Pinners

To communicate effectively to users, brands on Pinterest need to create a very different content strategy compared to Facebook or Twitter, or even Instagram.

A great example of effective brand use is Nespresso; they have boards for their products but also for the lifestyle their brand sells: “Exquisite Entertaining”, “Inspired Living”, and “Coffee-Inspired Creations”. Nespresso offers their followers content and items to be a part of their lifestyle and brand community. That’s what Pinterest is for; involving brands in your day-to-day life, exceeding product limitations.

Nespresso Pinterest

Positioning a Pinterest Message

Brands need to think about the lifestyle of Pinners and what these people like to invest in. A brand’s message needs to be beneficial in order for that idea to be achieved. The tone also needs to be a familiar voice, self-driven, available and relevant.

Take a themed 1st birthday party for example. Pinterest users have already creatively shared some visual ideas on “How to throw a Tonka Truck Party”. Now imagine the “Buy It” button and this, along with tons of other DIY decorations, games, and treats provide moms with the missing tool to achieve the greatest 1st birthday party ever!

Tonka 1st Birthday Party Pinterest

With Pinterest’s “Buy It” button, brands will have even more reason to utilize this valuable social platform to its full potential. Consumers are looking for easy and instant quick purchases from their mobile devices. They want instant gratification from finding that item and being able to buy it right away.

Pinterest Also Means Innovation for E-Commerce

The top 5 E-Commerce brands in the UK are already using pinterest to engage with their target consumers, including Amazon.

“Amazon takes a no-nonsense approach to naming its pin boards, using simple, literal phrases such as ‘Kitchen Gadgets’ or ‘Lawn and Garden.’ It also makes heavy use of phrases such as ‘For the Baby’ or ‘For the Home Office,’ again going for basic but descriptive terms.” via

Brands can reap the rewards of valuable content posted on Pinterest. And with Pinterest becoming a hybrid of E-Commerce and Social media, transactions & conversion rates can be directly linked to sales. These metrics are instant, allowing for tangible data and actionable goal setting for brands.

If your brand isn’t already – it’s time to get motivated and start posting on Pinterest.


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