Pizza Hut Rebranding for Foodies and Millenials

One of the most recognizable pizza restaurants in the world is rebranding.

That’s right, Pizza Hut, founded in 1958, is making changes to their menu, logo, takeout packaging, website, and even server uniforms. It’s a wholesale change for the pizza chain, seemingly aimed at capturing millenials and foodies, and it’s being made to keep their 6,300+ US stores from falling out of the current market.

Pizza Hut has a new slogan, The Flavor Of Now, and that’s just the start. Let’s take a look at three of the major pieces of the rebranding effort.

Pizza Hut Logo Evolution Banner

The new Pizza Hut menu includes 11 new pizzas that will be available all the time with new flavours that include:

10 new crust flavors: including curry crust, sriracha crust, pretzel crust, and fresh spinach
6 new sauces: including marinara, garlic parmesan and honey sriracha
5 new toppings: including banana peppers, cherry peppers and spinach
4 new flavor-pack drizzles: balsamic, buffalo, BBQ and honey sriracha sauces

The chain will also be offering new skinny slices with fewer than 250 calories each for more health conscious pizza lovers.

Pizza Hut now boasts a total of more than 2 billion ingredient flavour and ingredient combinations for customers to choose from. Whether that’s a good thing, or too much choice for customers to handle will be told in time.

The Pizza Hut website overhaul is major upgrade for the brand. In the United States customers will be able to place their orders in English or Spanish, with all of the new menu options available.

It’s a good looking website, with lots of colour, good type and clearly defined sections, as well as options available for customers. But until we know how it functions (we’re sure Twitter and Facebook will be a hotbed of commentary) it’s too early to give it a solid grade.2014 Pizza Hut Website Update

2014 Pizza Hut Logo Feature
I walked around the office to get some opinions about the new Pizza Hut logo vs the current Pizza Hut logo, and the thoughts were pretty unanimous.

The descriptions included:


I also heard, “If it’s an improvement, it’s marginal.” and “It’s not good, but I like the new packaging.2014 New Pizza Hut Takeout Packaging

Conclusion: The new menu options and website are exciting updates for the 56 year old brand. But the logo is a flop. Pizza Hut is already the largest pizza restaurant brand in America, and it would be a stretch to say that these rebranding changes are going to sink them. But will the rebranding effort be able to breathe new life into the brand and propel them to new heights? We’ll soon see.

The updates take effect on Wednesday, November 19th across the United States and thanks to the instant nature of the internet, it won’t take long for the brand community respond to the Pizza Hut rebrand.

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