Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm Case Study Review

How do you roll out a BRANDING and STRATEGY plan for a brand new brewery?

Blade knows.

When Norfolk County farmer and entrepreneur, John Picard came to Blade looking for an agency that could create a full scale plan to support his start-up craft brewery, the team got to work on a project that has provided multiple success stories along the way.

Ramblin' Road Brewery Farm WebsiteAfter evaluating all aspects of Picard’s needs, Blade identified the key challenges we had to overcome in order to turn the new venture into a success. The craft beer market is a crowded arena that Blade previously had success in taking on with both Steam Whistle and Creemore Springs. Those experiences gave our team the working knowledge of the landscape and requirements of a branding plan that would give Picard a sure success story.

A main challenge was identified: Establish the farm as a destination location brand.

Rather than letting the out-of-the-way location of the farm get in the way of building a successful branding plan, Blade looked at it as a point of leverage. In fact, the La Salette, Ontario (150 km southwest of downtown Toronto) location played a large part in the naming of the brand.

Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm was pitched as the new name for Picard’s start-up as a nod to the enigmatic nature Ramblin Roads Labels Familyof the location and the unique character of the business. Iconography for the brand was created and features an oddly designed weathervane that supported the name and the circuitous routes that someone might take to get to the brewery farm regardless of where they are coming from.

The Blade creative team developed full brand iconography, packaging, POS materials, image portfolio and ‘dynamic design’ website for the launch of the Ramblin’ Road brand and the initial Country Ale, Country Lager and Country Pilsner labels. To go with the imagery, Blade developed a full scale social media campaign to spread the word of the Brewery Farm in Norfolk County. The social campaign worked in conjunction with targeted media and community relations efforts that featured Ramblin’ Roads first booth at the 2012 Norfolk County Fair. From the start, Ramblin’ Road Beer was presented as a premium quality product that celebrated Norfolk County’s rich heritage as “Ontario’s Garden”.

DPA Licensee CardSince the Brewery Farm first opened its doors to community members and customers on December 15, 2012 (to a line-up of beer lovers), we have worked with Picard and his team to continue to grow the brand in Norfolk Country and beyond.

In the summer of 2013 Ramblin’ Road launched a new, specialty brew. The recipe incorporates the Dakota Pearl potatoes that Picard uses to make his EXTREME KETTLE CHIPS and as such, was named Dakota Pearl Ale, or DPA for short.

Again the Blade team created the imagery, marketing and social media materials to support Ramblin’ Roads efforts and celebrated a successful launch of the brew. The Brand Community that has already been gathered and fostered has accepted DPA with open arms and has repeatedly asked for more bottles, kegs.

Ramblin’ Road had a booth at the 2013 Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show which was well received and gave yet another boost to the success of the Brewery Farm. That success, as well as all of the others that came before it give Picard and Blade great optimism for future labels, campaigns and opportunities to grow the Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm brand.

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