Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm Unleashes New IPA in Time for Christmas

Last December at this time Blade was celebrating the launch of Ramblin’ Road’s PUREBRED and the work we did with the client on the new label and creative involved.

This December, we’re celebrating again as John Picard and his team launch Ramblin’ Road IPA Unleashed to an excited local market in Norfolk County.

The introduction IPA Unleashed allowed the Blade studio to once again tap into their creative selves, while keeping in mind the feel and attitude of the Ramblin’ Road brand that we’ve been working on with the client since 2012.

“There’s nothing like cracking into a craft brew and getting to work on a killer brand (that also happens to be providing the brew). Ramblin’ Road has been a dream to work on and this project was no exception. IPA Unleashed is a beer that will truly unfetter your pallet with a cavalcade of true IPA richness – That’s what inspired the Unleashed branding; Bright colours, deep earthy tones, and a label that looks like it just can’t contain the glorious brew that prowls beneath.”  – Chris Lennox

“We’ve combined premium selected grains, spring water that flows right beneath our brewery kitchen and 4 varieties of bittering hops – grown on our farm – to create an authentic IPA. Its character is traditional with a taste that makes it a pleasure to drink, not a challenge.” – John Picard.

We’ve sampled the newest beer from Ramblin’ Road, and we can tell you this, it’s as good as it looks!



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