Technology Must Serve Your Company’s Culture Or It Will Fail

As we begin the 2020s, how will the “technological curve” impact the business of your brand? And more specifically, how will technology enhance your corporate culture so your company is more efficient and more effective in serving customers in the brand community?

To start, the growth of your organization stems from identifying and addressing short and long-term challenges. These challenges can create opportunities for specific technology to improve the culture and efficiency within your workplace and brand community.

A key deliverable for most companies is to improve communication among staff and with your customers. To guide that improvement, engaging your internal brand community is essential. If you and your team backstage really “get it,”, then your customers in the paying seats out front will embrace it that much quicker.

HR Technologist, one of the fastest-growing media brands says it best in their article: “How Technology Is Transforming Workplace Productivity”: Remember, the best solutions are the ones that are inclusive, sustainable, and consider the greatest possible good. It’s vital to ensure profitability and growth doesn’t make a dent on employee morale and engagement. Technology can help create this immaculate synergy, between an agile, lean, and progression-hungry company and its young and target-ready workers.

Progressively implementing technology improvements over a period of time throughout an organization’s culture, won’t be nearly as effective if YOUR culture doesn’t understand why the change is necessary, let alone beneficial. Here are a few ways your organization can successfully embrace the “technological” curve to ultimately benefit your brand community now and going forward.

Advancing the Technological Process in Your Workplace

Internal communication is crucial to run a successful business that will continue to grow. There are a few questions you can ask to ensure your organization has dependable internal technology:

  • How much time are your employees spending on tech-related issues?
  • Does your management team use a structured, streamlined approach to resolve these issues for your employees?
  • What are the technological checkpoints across your organization? (e.g. computer software/hardware, communication methods, etc.)

We are creatures of habit. When we do things one way for an extended period of time, it can become “our” way. And that way can cause people to forget about seeking out “better” ways.

Employees are likely to have initial struggles with learning new technology until the overall functionality and benefit have first been explained to them. So how can your employees grow and learn the benefit of new technologies? It all stems from a proactive approach that is led by your management team. Ensuring consistent communication between your team leaders and your employees will keep everyone on the same page and more agile in adopting better ways to get tasks done for you and your customers in the brand community.

A strong relationship between your IT company, your management team and your staff will also help keep the learning curve easier to adapt to.

At Blade, we take a proactive approach to embracing technology for our branding services through the following:

  • Weekly check-in meetings between our management team and staff on the success and troubleshooting of our software.
  • Monthly updates to our server and software programs from our IT provider.
  • Monthly webinars and Lunch N’ Learns that provide key insights into up and coming advertising/marketing technologies.

According to Sysgen, a client-focused IT company, it’s crucial to research the IT company you partner with to ensure they offer a high degree of detail and personalized service. Here’s their list of 10 reasons why you should hire an IT company, to help you manage the internal processes of your business and reduce technical issues while increasing productivity.

Build Trust with Your Brand Community By Adopting the Right Technology

When you build a strong brand foundation through a streamlined approach to technology, your brand community will recognize your organization’s quicker and more dependable response time. For example, the impact that VR and voice automation are having on our communication is substantial.

In 2020, one-third of global brands will be using virtual reality for customer engagement. This creates an opportunity for brands to extend their customer interactions beyond the more traditional forms of communication – such as phone, email and face-to-face conversations.

VR is encouraging both organizations and customers to not only believe what they are seeing, but actually “feel” what they are seeing. VR is only one aspect of more advanced, immersive technology that will be a major influence on organizations progressing, rather than regressing in 2020 and beyond.

Messaging is another form of technology that is increasing connectivity throughout a brand’s digital engagement strategy. Apps such as Facebook Messaging and WhatsApp are paving the way for requests and service objectives to be fulfilled instantly, as time continues to find new and more efficient ways to become monetized.

At Blade, we‘ve expanded our accessibility worldwide through reliable technology such as Zoom Video Conferencing. Zoom is engineered and optimized to work reliably and is simple to use for both our organization and for our clients.

Embrace Technology Through Your Organization’s Culture

The next time you encounter “fear-induced” news about technology killing jobs or replacing human beings, ignore it and put your energy toward discovering the benefit behind technology that will improve your culture. When your organization “buys-in” to more efficient ways of interacting with your customers, your staff will become more agile at building trust and loyalty for your brand community.

And loyalty is the essential element you want to create within your own company and with your customers. That’s what embracing technology from a cultural perspective should deliver.


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