Saving Swiss Chalet: Can New Ads Revive the Brand?

A new series of Swiss Chalet ads are debuting now with the goal of reinvigorating the Canadian restaurant chain and bringing diners back to the 214 locations after a recent drop-off.

Swiss Chalet’s director of marketing, Lindsay Robinson admitted that the brand needed a boost, saying, “People just aren’t coming back to us as often, for multiple reasons: The recession hit and people are going out for dinner less, and at the same time, grocery store chains are really picking up their game.”

While that is all true, Canada’s most recognized rotisserie chicken restaurant needs this strategy to payoff if they want to get back to #1.

Along with a multi-spot TV campaign comes a new tagline: “Nothing Else Is Swiss”. With it, the brand is trying to make a clear statement that they stand alone. However, there are plenty of other things in the market that are widely recognizes as Swiss:

• Cheese
• Watches
• Chocolate
• Army Knives
• Numbered Bank Accounts

But it’s not just the chicken. Three ads have been previewed so far, each focusing on a different element. Because while Swiss Chalet may not realize that Nothing Else is Swiss is a tagline without a customer centric focus, they do know that there is no thriving as a one trick pony.

Swiss Chalet: Nothing Else is Swiss, Rotisserie Chicken

Swiss Chalet: Nothing Else is Swiss, Chalet Sauce

Swiss Chalet: Nothing Else is Swiss, Marinated Ribs

The 60 year old brand does recognize the need for an update, and the ads are fun…

The tagline however, is not positive, does not inspire action and does little to validate why people still love Swiss Chalet. Until they can make their case to families that Swiss Chalet is a great part of their routine, they will continue to lose ground to grocery stores who make it cheaper and faster to pick up a hot chicken meal deal 7 nights a week.

Can New Ads Save Swiss Chalet?

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