Social Media: The Basic Essentials

With social media becoming an increasingly essential element in branding, marketing and even our personal lives, how can you avoid the anxiety of feeling lost, confused or losing out on exposure and/or sales. Before answering any questions about the payoff, it would best if you asked even more basic questions BEFORE you engage social media for your brand.

Essential Questions

1. What do you expect social media to add to your brand in terms of awareness, transaction or sales?

2.  What content will you post on your own or other blogs?

3.  What activity will you promote on Facebook?

4.  What content will you upload to YouTube?

5.  Who will you enlist to be the relevant persona of your Twitter posts?

6.  How will all this activity be managed and funded?

7.  And how will these efforts help to answer question #1?

Essential Staff – Community Manager:

This is an important part of your social media initiatives on any scale, but especially for a large roll-out. By establishing a Community Manager, you are engaging the audience in conversation, assessing qualified leads and dealing with positive and negative feedback about the brand.

All social media campaigns need to be nurtured to remain consistent, while avoiding becoming a nuisance. It is important to have someone who understands this world and dedicates the appropriate amount of time to ensure your social media efforts supports your overall brand strategy.

Essential Tools – Monitor and Adjust

Actively monitoring your campaign is where the payoff really starts to develop. With the use of third-party companies who use monitoring and engagement platforms to view relevant conversations happening around your brand and products, results can be turned into visual reports that make analysis and measurement meaningful and actionable. Demographic, geographic and influencer info is also collected for a more in-depth understanding. You will start to see measurable results in the form of awareness and qualified leads, which ultimately translates into sales.

Essential Attitude – This is Serious Stuff

Overall, you need to be serious about your Social Media campaign. Consider the points mentioned above and ask yourself if you have the time, resources and more importantly, something tangible to offer your audience in return for their participation. Simply put, if you give a little, you’ll get a measurable amount back.

Christie Clarkson

Christie Clarkson

With over seven successful years of experience working in both traditional and online advertising, Christie Norrish is a dedicated executive at Blade Creative Branding, with an extensive background in media planning. An accredited Google AdWords Qualified Advertising Professional, Christie is a highly-skilled, detail-oriented team player with a well-developed eye for creative excellence. She keeps current on upcoming industry trends and relevant entertainment news, and enjoys sharing her insights and observations on these topics as they relate to branding and advertising.

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